It’s a challenge to find a curl cream that gives the right amount of moisture and elasticity to my 3b/3c curls without weighing them down. A few months ago I decided if the styling cream was thick enough, I’d skip the leave-in conditioner stage and only apply a light natural oil after the styling cream to lock in moisture. On most occasions my new styling regime has worked and has allowed me to achieve a fuller  curlier effect with my hair. I was recently offered a review opportunity and I selected Jenoris Professional Curl Cream. There were no reviews about the product on YouTube but based on the product description, I thought it would be good product for me to trial. However, it didn’t live up to all its claims. My results with Jenoris Professional Curl Cream was slightly disappointing.

Jenoris Professional Curl Cream product description says its 100% organic and natural. However, the first thing I noticed about the product was that it didn’t smell ‘natural’. The fragrance smelt more synthetic, in my opinion. The next thing was the colour, granted I’d never seen pistachio oil, I assumed it’s a green colour. After checking online, I saw that Pistachio oil like Borage oil  is a sort of goldish-green colour. However, the curl cream is blueish in colour. I mention this because in my experience using natural organic hair products they usually tend to have the colour and/or smell of the main ingredients.  Nonetheless, the cream looked and felt rich and thick, so I was still happy to carry-on with my trial.

I trialled Jenoris Professional Curl Cream on one occasion. After washing and conditioning my hair with one of my staple hair repair range. To damp hair I applied Jenoris Professional Curl Cream. Immediately my hair felt a bit dry. Most curl creams I’ve used make my hair feel silky and bounty with enough slip should it require a last minute detangling. I didn’t apply a leave-in-conditioner,  I opted to use only my usual hair oil. I wanted to see how the product would work without too much interference with other products. I two-strand twisted my hair, then dried it with a hair dryer. I untwisted my hair after four hours. Although my curls were well set, my hair felt a bit  crunchy and dry so before going to sleep I applied a little more of my hair oil. The following morning my curls looked good and they had a nice shine to them but there was still some dryness. Jenoris Professional Curl Cream can be used on damp or dry hair but I decided not to apply any more of the cream. Instead, on day two I applied more hair oil before fluffing and styling my curls. While I was happy with the curls created using the curl cream, I’m was not pleased with the dryness. Perhaps it’s not best for hair that is colour-treated like mine.


jenoris trial

Jenoris Professional Curl claims:

  • The unique formula keeps the hair hydrated throughout the day with no residues or oily feeling
  • With its soluble apply-and-go qualities, it is the perfect cream for creating luscious and bright tresses effortlessly
  • Enriched with Pistachio and Borage Oils

I believe for colour treated hair and curls that are prone to dry out quickly, its best to use the LOC (liquid oil cream) method with Jenoris Professional Curl Cream. Apply a leave-in-condition first, then the curl cream and follow that up with an organic oil. Jenoris also has a Pistachio & Borage Oil treatment, perhaps using that to seal the moisture in will improve the results.  The curl cream has the perfect consistency to work on most curl types. However for coarser curl types I’d suggest including a holding gel this will make twist-outs or braid-oust to last longer.

Jenoris products can be bought from Love Afro Cosmetics online. The online shop also as a wide range of products suitable for natural afro hair of different textures, as well as electrical and skincare products and much more. For more information on the various products stocked by Love Afro Cosmetics, please visit their website 


Please note that this is not a sponsored post, however, I was sent a the product to trial for the purpose of this review.


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