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Once again International Women’s Day snuck up on me. If it wasn’t for tweeter I’d have missed it. I’ve been pondering all day what I means to me, truth be known I was only made aware of the day last year. One year later I’m now a mother of two, my newborn is a girl. I feel even more than ever inspired to be the best mother and woman I can be. I subscribe to the views of womanism more than feminism. I celebrate my femininity; I have much love for my fellow-woman whatever her creed, class or race and I love my man.
Women have come a long way in terms of gaining certain ‘rights’ and ‘freedoms’. However we do have some way to go again, as these ‘privileges’ are not freely given all over the world to EVERY woman. When:

  • girls are prevented from meeting their full potential
  • woman are fighting for the right to vote
  • girls and young women can be attacked on public transport just to satisfy some level of perversion
  • wives can  be bullied, beaten and raped by their husbands
  • the cries of a mother in need of support and respite go on heard,

(and the list goes on) we have some way to go, STILL. However, for today let us raise a glass or say a quiet prayer for those who went before and paved the way to give us the freedoms we enjoy and sometimes take for granted.

Thank You!

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