Angelo always loved having his hair washed when he was a baby.  It was one of the rare times he’d be calm. By the time Valentina came along, he was two years old with short cropped hair. I was two and a half years into my natural hair journey and I felt confident I would be able to care for and manage her hair. As faith would have it, at 10 days old when she had her first bath I could tell she did not like having her hair washed. For several months, I had no need to comb her hair because it a short soft curly afro and finger combing was enough. By the time she was 6 months and it needed combing the drama began.


Curly Girl

However, her hair was still short enough that I could quickly run a hair-comb through it to make ringlets. At one year old I began to plait her hair in the hope it would last for a couple days. Usually, it was such a rushed job her plaits would stick up at weird angles. I remember a mum at playgroup asking me ‘does she let you do that to her hair’. I remember thinking ‘what do you mean let me, she’s a baby’. Instead, I politely said that Valentina did not like having it combed or something to that effect.  At first I used the head-to-toe wash from the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil collection and followed by Soft & Precious hairdress. When those products ran out I opted to try Curly Kids shampoo and conditioner and Root2Tip Heaven’s Hair Milk. Although, I’m having good results with the products hair wash days are stressful for Valentina and I.


curly hair toddler girl


Hair Washday Regime

When Valentina feels my hand near her head and she fusses. On washday which is roughly every three weeks (or as needed) I use Curly Kids Shampoo and Conditioner. They are both sulphate and paraben free. The shampoo is transparent and has a jelly-like consistency. They conditioner is thick but with good slip to make detangling easy. After her hair has been rinsed feels soft and moisturized. Any tangles I missed in the bath come out easily with the Tangle Teezer hair brush (I think)  but she still fusses. I would then quickly twist her damp air into loose ringlets to air dry. The following day I’d apply some Root2Tip Heaven’s Hair milk and style in two pony tails or two cornrows and that would stay for a couple days.

While combing, at the slightest snag Valentina fusses and tries to run away. I’ve tried distracting her with toys, with television and even with food. I must admit though,  I’m scared of causing a negative food association. Am I over-thinking? I don’t know. I’m toying with the idea of cutting her hair and keeping it short untill she can better understand what I explain to her on washday but the shrieks from friends and family have made me doubtful.


The Big Question

My question to parents with more experience of dealing with mixed textured hair; is there such as thing as ouchless washday and daily hair maintenance?  To add the matter Valentina is prone to mild eczema mostly on her back. I’d rather use more organic products for her but I can’t find anything on the UK high street or online for mixed textured hair for a child so young. Maybe I’m missing a trick with my search.  I’m sending a shout out to companies that make gentle organic hair care products for babies and toddlers; I’d like to hear from you. What are the benefits of your products? Is it suitable for mixed textured hair?  How can it be purchased?

Untill then the quest continues…




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