After being home with the kids for seven year, I’m ready to return to work. My children and  have been through many development milestones … and many more to come now doubt. Now, they are both in school full-time; so, it feels like now or never to relaunch my career.  I’m not sure what type of work I’ll settle on but I’m a relauncher, let the job hunt begin


Feel the Fear


Recently I attended a job fair. Talk about nerves; I’d never been to one before. Turns out it was quite helpful. I spent some time at the National Careers Service desk getting advice now my CV.  Due to the gap in my CV I was advised to go with a Function & Skills format, instead of a chronological one. I also spoke with a couple employment agency reps. When I left the fair I felt empowered to continue my job hunt.



What am I good at?

For most of my adult life, people have been telling me I should teaching. Why? I don’t know. Are they seeing something I’m not? I did my BA in English with the intention of moving postgraduate work in Information Management. Although I have trained and worked in the library service, funds didn’t permit for masters in Information Management.  Although, I volunteer at the kids school and’s truly enjoyable could I do it full time? My passion has always been travel, reading, education/information management. It’s no wonder I took to blogging like I did. While some bloggers have managed to turn their passion into pounds the same has not happened for me… yet. So, it’s back to the work-a-day world. Question is what comes first; finding myself again or finding a job?

Fight the Temptation

I’m trying not to give into the temptation of just doing whatever to get back in ‘the game’. Not too long ago, Life Drawing Model caught my eyes. HAHAHA! But seriously, after being a stay at home mum for seven years, I’ve any personal ups and down. It’s my time now; why jump for the first thing? I’m hoping to find that gold dust job that fits in with our family life AND is FUN to do. Remote working would be brilliant! Wish me luck.

Are you a mum or dad returning to work? Have you already gone through the relaunch process? How did go? I’d love to hear your and/or tips.

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Updated 26th January 2023


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