I attended Illusions Cosmetics beauty event last weekend. It was motivational to meet and listen to the pearls of wisdom of Denise and Janice Tunnell. The questions was, was their products as good as we’d read? I received a goodie bag containing: two full sized crème foundations, one liquid lipstick (I won another at event) and an eye-shadow. I was eager to try their products especially the foundation. I don’t use foundation on a regular basis. I go for a BB creams. In the week following the event, there we some very warm days. I opted to trial my products during the warmer days. It’s not an illusion, the Tunnell Sisters have created a very good quality brand for women of colour. Here’s how my testing of Illusions Cosmetics turned out.


Illusions Cosmetics Foundations 


Out of the two crème foundations I received in my goodie bag, only one was my shade  It was a perfection. The ‘Evening Chocolate’ was too dark for a full face but could be used for contouring. ‘Moonlight Chocolate’ was perfect. I have dry to normal sensitive skin. I found the formula to be light weight and moisturising. It gave good coverage but I didn’t feel as though I had on anything on my face.

My skin looked refreshed with a natural healthy glow. It lasted all day without the need for a touch up.


Illusions Cosmetics


Illusions Cosmetics Eye Shadow


When I first saw the white eye-shadow ‘Snow White’ I thought I’d use it to highlight my eyes. I was wrong to view it as a side-liner. ‘Snow White’ has bluish-pinkie iridescence to it. It can indeed be used to bring sparkle and light to the inner eyelids and brow bone but it can also be use as the main eye colour.

Use it whichever way you want ‘Snow White’ will make every brown beauty’s peepers pop.


Illusions Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks


My followers on Instagram know that I love lips gloss! I luv it for ease and practicality. Lipgloss can add a little pop of colour or a lot anytime of the day. They are easily portable with minimal chance of spillage. I’m clumsy,so I rarely take lipsticks when I’m out and about. The Illusions Cosmetics liquid lipsticks I used were ‘Sushi Flower’ and ‘Sweetheart’. Luv them both!

They are both super cute shades of pink that will work on a woman of colour, whatever her tone. These liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented and long lasting. They could last up to three hours or more without a touch up. Well, unless of course if you have had a big meal with drinks.


Where To Buy

Illusions Cosmetics is an affordable range that gives women of colour options in their makeup choices. The brand has an extensive line that features: foundations, powders, blush, eye shadows, eye and lip liners, lipsticks.

The brand has been used on celebrities such as Vivica Fox, Angie Stone, Angela and Vanessa Simmons to name a few. Illusions Cosmetics can be bought online from their website. Prices range from $9US-$22US.  

You can also get social and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.


(updated 10th May 2020)


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