We are at the start of the property game. There are people looking at our flat and we are looking for a house for our family. It sure is a far cry from my days of flat sharing! I confess, I’m ready to settle down. I want to standstill … for a while … and grow a bit of moss (not literally of course, bad for my allergies). You see, for as long as I can remember I’ve been on the move. On could say I was destined to be an expat. As a child I spent weekdays with my grandmother and weekends with my parents and younger siblings. As I teenager added the a fore mentioned, I had the odd sleepover and girlfriends’ houses. There was hardly weekend when my bags weren’t packed to go somewhere. Then I came to the England in my late 20’s, after a glorious 10 months stint in Cambridge I moved London. I basically changed flat share every 6 months untill, I met Teddy (now the Hubby).  I can tell you, flat sharing can seriously scar you. Thankfully, I made some wonderful friends along they way. I still have fond memories of watching Barbie movies after work and eating popcorn with one such friend… in 3D glasses. No! I have not  when it comes to Barbie movies, not at all!  Now as  mum of two want stability for me and my kids. I want to grow roots. Boring for an expat? Perhaps,  but there will be time enough to wander again when the kids are grown.

So, here I am putting it out into the universe… “I want a home, a three bedroom home with a garden in a community not to far from my current home.” Hence, I’ve been looking at Pinterest to bring my dreamboard to life. In an ideal world based on our budget,  we’d have a home that is:

semi-detached (in a quiet safe area)
with a child-friendly garden
well-kept and ready to be occupied
comfy bedrooms free from road traffic noises
a spacious kitchen


a  cosy slightly rustic family bathroom

That’s the top 6 features I’ll be looking for, hubby will have his own list no doubt. How about you? Are you n expat? What was important to you when selecting your family home? How long did it take you to realize your dream. I’d love to hear your story.

Pleaser note, all home images have been taken from Pinterest

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