By the last week of the school Spring term I was feeling drained. We had a family staycation planned and I was looking forward to it. As fate would have it, on the evening of the last day of school I fell ill. My Easter was spent was sick in bed. On the plus side, I lost a few pounds… result! Staycation packing was put on hold until the day before our departure. After the two hours’ drive, we arrived at our staycation flat, in Wiltshire. It was charming and we had a great time but I was still tired. Now I’m thinking of a vacation on my own. As a stay at home mother and housewife/domestic administrator; am I entitled to a holiday?


A Woman’s Work

The old adage ‘a woman’s work is never done’ is so true. Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus forever trying to complete a never ending task. Did I mention being an emotional punching bag? Mums get the brunt of the bad day tantrums. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get to the bottom of school day trauma.

Perish the thought that stay at home mums eat cake, drink tea and watch tele. Apart of all other household duties, we give to the community by volunteering our kids’ school for reading, for school event planning, chaperoning and so on.

 Me Time

Over the years, I’ve learnt how to eke out 10 mins of bliss. The kids can do quite a few things for themselves now. Oh happy days, I have more private loo time and many of my showers are interrupted. Hurrah! Gym time has been fitted in between school runs. During trips to the local shops on the bus I get to zone out… white noise… zzz.


Up Up And Away

The thing is 10 minutes of bless is not always enough anymore. I’ve been asking myself recently, when is my holiday? Self-catering staycations a enjoyable but still include chores! I honestly don’t know how my mother and grandmother did it. Then again they didn’t spend as much time with their kids. Whereas I’m not only washer, cooker, cleaner and counsellor (not mention a few roles); I’m also personal entertainer and event planner.

My family are my world but not all of it. Am I bad for wanting a break without the kids and/or/maybe without hubby?

Are stay at home mums entitled to a holiday? Have you ever taken a holiday without your family? How was it? Go on , feel free to make me feel jeal!


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