Mum of one Nicole is struggling with a three month old baby who won’t leave her arms,
“Samuel has always been a cuddly baby who liked to be held but it seems to be getting worse as he gets older. He will only fall asleep in my arms, he screams if I try to put him down or give him to anyone else and it’s driving me crazy! I love holding him, don’t get me wrong, but I do occasionally have to do other things like have a shower or cook dinner.
I have a sling and I’ve tried carrying him around in it when I’m at home for a bit of hands free time but he’s not the smallest of babies and as he gets bigger I’m finding my back is starting to ache. I’m going back to work in a few months so he’s going to have to go to nursery two days a week and I’m already scared that he won’t be able to cope.
Has anyone else had this problem? He’s just so clingy at the moment, I’d love to know if this is normal and if he will just grow out of it by himself. What can I do to encourage him to be more independent?”
Do you have a clingy baby? Should Nicole just wait and see if Samuel grows out of it or should she try to get him to be more independent? Whatever your experience please share it here and help Nicole and other mums in her position find a bit of hands free time. Thanks, Shona x

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