Interior styling much like fashion has annual and seasonal trends. 2022 is the year of curve appeal and pantone very peri. Now, what can you do, if your home is all squares and rectangles? Fear not. Again much like fashion, you have your capsule wardrobe and update it with accessories. Our new home is a semi-detached 1930’s home. Due to alterations in a bid for more space, we have a longish living-room that backs onto a dark UPVC conservatory. Our sofa, a Houghton Casual Comfort Sofa Chaise , is less than one year old. While the kitchen is a narrow galley. If we added large circular pieces, they would rob us of much needed space. If like us you have limited space, there are cheats to this trend. Here’s how I incorporated the curve appeal trend into my home.


Curved Walls

I can’t take the credit for this one but the entrance to our galley kitchen has a curve to it. It really frames the space and makes it feel cosy. I’ve always been a fan of arches. My childhood home in Trinidad had an arch from the living room-diner into the kitchen. Now, I’ve got it again!

If you are planning renovation on your home, ask your builder how you can safely add an arch to the room of your choice.

round cushions


Easy-peasy lemon squeezie cushions are a quick way to update any room. You can never have too many cushions can you, living-room or bedroom. Be bang on trend by adding cosy cushions with rounded edges. The floral shapes are super cute, semi-circular cushions have a contemporary vibe while a ‘traditional’ round cushion feels a somewhat vintage and fancy.

Alternatively, new cushion covers are even a cheaper way to update your cushion collection. Slip on a new print with a circular graphic or detail and ‘Bob’s your uncle’ done!



If you don’t already have plants in your home, go for circular shapes. Three years ago, plants in the home became a big statement. Many of us were working from home due to the global pandemic, COVID_19. Suddenly, we thrown into the world of online meetings and remote working. Plants not only gave us a picturesque backdrop for our zoom meetings but they also brought life into our homes. Suddenly there were so many plant parents on ‘the gram’.

4 Circular plant shapes to consider

Have you got space for a coffee table? Go oval and pop your plant of choice into a stylish pot with bubbled or concertina design to complete the look.



If cushions had a sister she would be a pouffe. Pouffes vary in sizes according to function. They can be used as a foot rest or extra seating. Soften the shape edges of your living room or bedroom by including a pouffe. They would look cosy in a conservatory too!


Wall Art

If you can’t add curved shapes on your floor, go up! Walls are spaces that we sometimes under use or put too much. Select a few key pieces that go with your interior scheme, avoid clutter, add a mirror and you’ll have the illusion of space. Throw in some in eye-catching circular wall art on a wall opposite or adjacent to the mirror and you’ll have created effortless framing with insta-fab ulous style.

Purchase wall art that matches your theme wall-baskets create a well-travelled ambiance. While crochet rattan and bamboo offer boho charm.

What do you think of the new interior styling, curve appeal? Will you be adding any rotund objects to your interior décor? And if you like this post, follow me and Hubby on Instagram Xpat_At_Home for more inpiration on home décor.



Feature Photo Credit by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels



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