Thinking about buying your tyres from a scrap dealer? Considering the benefits of part-worn tyres from a second-hand supplier? Want to buy from an internet only seller? If so, then pause for thought and consider the additional benefits you get when you turn to an expert in tyre sales. Let’s look at what the advantages of buying from a reputable supplier with years of expertise behind them.

Impartial Advice

Some sellers only push one or two brands of tyre. If you have noticed that yours need to be changed for new ones, then you are limiting your choice by only going to a seller who stocks a couple of different tyre manufacturers. If you want to know which sorts of new tyres will suit your car the best, then a true tyre dealership is what you need. In other words, turn to an expert who can offer impartial advice without pushing one brand or another.

Get the Tyre You Really Want

If you know exactly the sort of tyre you want – perhaps to replace your existing one on a like-for-like basis – then order it online in advance. Top tyre dealers will then have it in stock for you by the time you get to their facility to have it exchanged. This is so much better than having to select a tyre just because it happens to be in stock when you need it. National dealership networks offer this service across the entire country. Look for tyres in Dunfermline and you can buy online now from Point S, for example. Simply reserve the product you want and head over later to have it fitted at a convenient time safe in the knowledge you have secured it online.


Buying Power

If you are looking for a bargain, then a second-hand tyre is unlikely to fit the bill. Although they can be cheap, they simply don’t last very long. On the other hand, national tyre dealers who sell thousands of tyres a month have the buying power to offer really good deals to their customers. What’s more tyre makers often allow their stock to be bought at rock-bottom prices which means you can often find special offers are available which you can’t find elsewhere. In some cases, this will mean that you are able to afford a higher quality tyre that would otherwise have been outside of your price range. You can think of it like a free upgrade courtesy of the buying power of larger operators.

Replace Only What Needs Replacing Reputable tyre experts will let you know what tyres need to be exchanged for new ones and which don’t. Some smaller operators will tell you to replace them all even though some may have sufficient tread for a few thousand more miles. Take the expert’s advice and replace a tyre before it becomes illegal to drive on by all means, but don’t always listen to the guidance of someone with a vested interest in getting rid of their old stock trying to sell you tyres you don’t actually need.


Please note this is a collaboration post with Point S.


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