My Instagram timeline now contains many photos of our family garden. I can hardly believe, I’ve managed to help anything grow. Every morning, after the school I pop outside to see the changes that happened overnight. I don’t always like what I find. Sometimes the ravages from slugs and snails can be frustrating. However mostly, I’ve been pleased to see the a new blossom bloom or a butterfly dancing amongst the flowers.  I find it so soothing. Our garden grows with mix of wild flowers and cultivated ‘ornamental’ flowers.


For weeks into months I delayed dealing with the running plant that was growing in the flower bed. I told myself it must be the wildflowers. I just needed to wait for the flowers to bloom. Wrong! Turns out I was feeding chickweed. It felt like a philosophy for life. You can hope something will turn out right but a weed will always be a weed.

Although I’d seen on Instagram some people have used it for salads and pesto, I wasn’t about to risk it. My neighbours cat likes to do his/her business in our garden. After removing the chickweed, which took three days! I had to purchase a few new plants fill up the gaping spaces.

Lawn Grass

Angelo and Valentina have been really helpful assisting me in caring for our garden. Its become part of our after-school activity. We observe mini beast, water the flowers and secure plants that have been blown around by high winds.  We have fun so much fun doing so. I like to surprise them with new things to spot in the garden, like a new decoration or flower. They are anxious to have their paddling pool out but I’m still trying to get more lawn grass to grow. I’ve promised they can have it over the summer holidays. Fingers cross I can complete one more lawn grass sewing operation before that time comes around.


I didn’t have much luck with the wildflowers I sowed in May.  A few have grown but I’m not sure if that was due to what I planted. One looks like thistle another looks like morning glory. Then again it, could be wishful thinking. Let me know what you think. See the photos above. The lavender and red rose bush is doing really well. I’ve also managed to rescue one sunflower. The slugs ate the main bloom. I out off the top and now there are two new buds.

During the summer, I’ll be getting myself ready for a planting operation in autumn. I’m going to add a features to the front of the  shed. I’m thinking a window basket, to start with. I also found a lovely book in the library  entitled Kids in the garden by Elizabeth McCorquodale that demonstrates different types of craft the kids and I can do add pizzazz to our garden.

So stay tuned check me out on Instagram, to see what we get up to.


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