Late last year I spotted a few places that offer hot-desking facilities. Some seemed a bit isolating to me and others fostered a networking environment amongst their members. Then, earlier this year I saw a ad on Facebook. I took a peek at their site and noticed that they have offices in North America, parts of Europe, UK and Israel.  The London co-working office space were impressive too. I’m based in Greater London and as a stay at home mum/blogger/writer, it’s hard to find a space to work. For the longest while I’ve been working from one corner of the family living room on the sofa. I sometimes worked on my laptop in my bedroom when I needed quiet.  Recently I decided to apply the hot-desking idea at home.


A work space at home

I’ve moved from the corner of the family sofa to the dining table. It suits my sensibility best.  I like a room with a view  be it looking onto green space or a body of water. Our dining room  has good lighting which comes through the sky light, and the glass patio door leading onto the garden. (Admittedly our garden is in a mess. Come Spring, hubby and I will whip it into shape.) The white walls and the glass topped dining table in our dining room gives the illusion of generous space.

Each morning, after the school run I set up my work space. On goes my work hat as Domestic Administrator/Blogger/Writer.  On my desk: a fresh flower, stationary, lap top, a drink. I’m ready to go, tuned into soft background music.


The joys of working a home work space

My task each morning is different. Some days I’m studying; the space makes me feel more alert. Other days, I’m doing the parent thing logging the kids’ progress to share with their teachers. Its also a great space for doing creative work. I truly enjoy my ‘new’ work space, for one to two hours every morning.  It makes me feel more confident and in control. Best of all, my family takes my work time more seriously.

How about you? What’s your work space like? Or what would be your ideal work space. Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


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