Like so many little ones, Miss V loves squishy stuff from slime, to salt dough, even clay. Last Christmas she helped me make decorations with air drying clay. I think it’s the comfort from the sensory aspect of working with such malleable textures. We received a Hey Clay box to trial for the purpose of this review. Her little face lit up! She’s been busy crafting all manner of creatures. Hey Clay is the modelling clay experience that kids will luv to get stuck into.


About Hey Clay

Hey Clay is a modelling clay set which features a unique app element. The range includes six mouldable characters within each of its six themes – animals, dinosaurs, monsters, bugs, birds and aliens. Unique to HEY CLAY, the product works with its own custom app that provides step-by-step ‘how to sculpt’ guides for each character, complete with beautifully illustrated animations to help bring children’s artwork to life.

air dry clay

Using Hey Clay

We received one Hey Clay Dinos box. It contained 15 pots of air-dry clay, 2 sculpting tools and a QR code download the Hey Clay app. The app is suitable for IPhone and Android..
The app allows you to sculpt: birds, bugs, dinosaurs, monsters, aliens and animals. However, only one character instructions per category is free. You have to pay an additional fee of £0.99 or £1.99 depending the figure you wish to purchase.

Miss V found thought directions in the app were easy to follow. She loved the look of the creatures she could potentially make. Having variety of bold clay colours gave her the confidence to make the characters her own by trying different colour combinations. Although sculpting work well, we felt younger ones would may need help us them effectively.
Once the project was completed it set after 24 hours.



Potential Child Development Benefits Of Hey Clay

Miss V enjoyed playing with Hey Clay. Now that she’s back at school, Hey Clay is her relaxation aid after s busy day at school. She takes herself off to quiet spot with my phone (for the app) and the clay to sculpt her creatures.

Observing Miss V sculpt her first character, I realised there were other child development benefits to Hey Clay such as:

  • Builds focus
  • Supports imaginative play
  • Gives sensory stimulation
  • Relaxation aid
  • Strengthens fine motor skills

Best of all, there is a game element to the app. Practice mixing colours, build a puzzle or more. You get a few to try, then  you can do in-app purchase try additional games.

clay character

We give Hey Clay two thumbs up. You can purchase it on Amazon The characters are available in large sets, multipacks or small sets. You can purchase from Smyths Toys online and other large toys suppliers. Price varies from £7.28 for one box to create character.

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