Kids Company is well known for its work supporting vulnerable children and young people. Their services reach 36,000 across London, Bristol and Liverpool.  Now the organisation has joined forces with the baby super store Kiddicare to ‘Colour A Child’s Life. Volunteers work with Kid’s company to make project ‘Colour a Child’s Life’ a reality. The aim is to transform the chronic living conditions of the children and young people that Kids Company support. The next project is carded for 23rd June, in Croydon. If you are looking for volunteer opportunity that will have an immediate positive impact on a child’s life, ‘Colour A Child’s Life’ is the project for you.

How does this volunteer programme work?

By donating just day of your time, you can work with Kiddicare to assist Kids Company staff, who specialise in cleaning, decorating and carpentry, to renovate a home so that the family can live in a safe environment that they are proud of. Each project is tailor made and flexible to meet the needs of the family or young person involved, with the priority being children living in unsafe and exceptionally depleted conditions. Before, during and after the renovation, children and families are supported by Kids Company staff and concerns about wellbeing are handled as a matter of urgency.


Colour A Child’s World

Kindly visit the Kidddicare blog to find out more about the work they are doing with Kids Company and how parent bloggers can help. There still a few places available if any parent blogger wish able to assist at the next project on 23rd June.

For information on the work that Kids Company do please visit their website


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