Two years ago, Vallie was starting her second year nursery (winter baby issue) and I gave her the talk about making friends. After her first year she was still shy and found it tricky to make a firm friend. Then one day she came home with several little friends, who I didn’t want.  Head lice! I virtually ran to the chemist. They have me Hedrin. I took me a month to get rid of the critters because I had no clue what I was doing. Hair wash days were stressful enough on a normal weekend.  Let’s just say head lice + curly hair= (DIS)tress. Once they were gone, I began using homemade potions to keep them away BUT my concoctions didn’t smell pleasant. I’ve since found out that Hedrin has a range of products that I can rely on.


Top 5 ways to catch head lice


The kids often brought home letters from school warning about a ‘report of head lice’ in their class. I always ignored them thinking, my kids don’t do sleep overs, so, they’ll be fine. WRONG! I didn’t know there were other ways to catch head lice.

Here’s how head lice can spread:

  • School
  • Sleepovers
  • Selfies
  • Siblings
  • Storytime

You better believe after our 1 month long ordeal,  I take those letters from the school seriously.


30 plus days with head lice


As I mentioned earlier, it took one month to of the head lice. Note: If it takes you over 30 days to get rid of head lice, chances are you are doing something wrong. I hold my hands up, I’m  pretty sure I was doing it all wrong. Then again, you try using those tiny lice combs on distressed curly girl with waist length hair.  Did I mention I wasn’t totally clear what the hell I was looking for with my do bad eyes?

According to head lice expert, Ian Burgess, if you a struggling to get rid of parasites make sure you are doing the following:

  • Use the treatment as advised
  • Ensure you use sufficient product
  • Always follow-up; adhere to the rule ‘Once a week, take a peek’ (hatched eggs or dead eggs (nits)


Note: if they are stubborn to budge should be removed physically from the hair.


The Hedrin Range


Hedrin has a selection of products to suit every parent’s needs, when it comes to head lice and nits. Their range includes:

Hedrin All in One (all NEW)-  RRP£9.99(100ml)  kills lice in 10 mins and is twice as effective as combing alone. Its allergy certified, doesn’t have a nasty odour. All min the bath, leave for 10 mins, comb out lice, rinse done.

Hedrin Once- it is clinically proven to kill lice and eggs in one 15 minutes treatment. Available in spray (£7.14 60ML) and liquid gel (£10.20 100ML)

Hedrin Protect & Go- RRP£4.29 (200ML) it’s a spray on treatment to be applied twice weekly. It breaks up the parasites life cyle

Hedrin Stubborn Egg Loosening Lotion-  RRP£7.29 (for the kit) the lotion carries a lubricant that releases the chemical bond between the egg and the hair, allowing the egg to slift off easily.

First impressions

We’ve tried Hedrin’s Protect & Go, as a preventative measure for both kids.  I was most interested in how it would work on Vallie’s curls.  I found that it had good slip which meant I could apply it, then detangle and style her hair easily. Also, it didn’t’ dry her hair out.

I haven’t tried Hedrin’s new All in One treatment shampoo because have been lice free since that incident (touch wood) However I was assured that I could follow the shampoo with my usual hair conditioner. Curly hair requires conditioner, so that’s a big plus for me. Additionally, if I had to use it I would the hair using the Protect & Go and natural oil for protection and hydration.

For more information Hedrin products visit their website. To shop the range visit Boots pharmacies.

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