Last Friday, Hubby took the day off for us to have a family day out. Our attraction of choice was Hever Castle in Kent, The Garden of England. It was the ideal follow up to Leeds Castle, which we visited a few months ago. Unfortunately for us it was not very warm at the start of the day and I was not 100%. Nonetheless,  we had lovely time as always being outdoors and site seeing around Hever Castle.


Where’s Mike the Knight?

Hever Castle is an amazing place to visit. If I never said it before I LOVE CASTLES! However, it may not have been the right time to visit with Angelo, at his current stage. I kept panicking about him falling into one the waterways surrounding the premises. At the moment ‘Come On Daisy’ is his favourite book. I probably read it ten times per day. So, as you can imagine a river with ducks and a pond with gold fishes are all quite tempting to go near. Hubby and I didn’t do ourselves any favours by telling him he’d see Mike The Knight! Wrong call on our part. We set up expectations that we could not meet. All along the walk through the castle he kept asking were was Mike The Knight. We hastily left the castle when he got restless and went for walk around the grounds.


Around the Castle Garden

The garden is outstanding! But for a little boy who wants to run around with wild abandon it was not the best choice we could have made for him.  There are quite a few ‘No Go Areas’ and rightly so,  its an award winning historic garden. There is a lot to attract slightly older children. They can paint their own shield, try archery or make their way through the Yew or Water mazes. What we did was to go rowing, well Hubby.

The kids and I enjoyed the views from water. Angelo was thrilled to see the ducks up close! Then Hubby took him along the Water maze. I think it was the attraction of the day for all the children! Angelo thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thankfully, I always have a change of clothes for him. He went home warm, dry and happy.

Here are a few more pics from our day out, to Hever Castle,

Maze at Hever Castle

I’d love to visit again in a few years, when the kids can have the full experience.

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