If you have eczema prone skin, it’s likely that your hands are suffering from the constant hand washing and hand sanitiser use we’re all doing these days. In a nutshell, the guidance is to wash hands for 20 seconds (or sing Happy Birthday song) regularly. When we can’t wash our hands, then, use hand sanitisers that contain at least 60% alcohol. While the sanitisers are helpful in combating the contraction of Covid, it’s a killer on hands. Hands can become excessively dry, itchy and in some cases the skin can cracks. In my family three of us suffer with eczema in varying degrees of severity. Over the months of lockdown, we’ve had to up the ante on our hand care.  I’ve found five budget-friendly hand creams/butters for irriated sensitive skin.


Skin Food

Skin Food


I can’t sing the praises of Weleda’s Skin Food enough. I first became aware of the product and it’s uses when I was invited to attend an Insight Day their HQ in Derby. Since then, I’ve never been without a tube. I literally use it from head toe. Ingredients include: extracts of viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile, natural oils and beeswax.

Not only is the fragrance uplifting, but the richness of the lotion hydrates and heals. It doesn’t absorb as fast as other lotions which in the case of extra dry skin is what you need. It’s works well on my hands; it’s a desert island product.



Palmer’s Coco Butter


For me, Palmer’s is the smell of my childhood. The smell of  Palmers Coco Butter immediately transports me mentally back to sunny small island joyful days. In fact was the first lotion that gave me the confidence to be me and allow my scares to heal naturally. The original formula Palmer’s coca butter is very rich. I tend to use it in the winter months but this year, it’ has been part of my hand care arsenal.

The key ingredients are coca butter and vitamin E, both of which are excellent for skin care. (If the coca smell isn’t to your liking you could try the fragrance free lotion BUT the texture is more lotion than butter). It’s budget brand that works and you kind find it most major supermarkets and high street pharmacies.


shimi rose

Shimi Rose Soothing Rose & Almond Shea Butter


I was so excited when I won a Shimi Rose competition. Usually, handmade shea products have a lavender or citrus scent but I wanted something new and Shimi Rose offered that. They allowed me to select the products, so I chose their Rose & Almond shea butter. Both the essential oils are subtle, so there’s still the Shea nutty smell. it’s super rich and guaranteed to make hands look and feel so supple. Our hands are better for it, that’s for sure.

Shimi Rose has a range of scents for their shea butters. There’s something for every one.


Heir Kare Royal One


I heard about Heir Kare during the first UK Black Pound Day. I bought hair butter and body butter from the brand. Heir Kare is an organic, vegan friendly and cruelty-free brand.

The body butter is called Royal One . It’s so lush and sexy. The texture is fluffy. It’s easy to apply because the Shea has been whipped. The Royal One contains shea butter, coconut oil, lavender essential oil, orange essential oil. The natural lavender fragrance is dreamy and relaxing. Most importantly our hands were well moisturised in between washes.

Oat & Honey


Honey and oats have always been two ingredients I have on hand my for my DIY treatments and baths. However, having an ointment with bee proporolis is much more potient.

Bee propolis is a resin material produced by honey bees to seal and protect the cells of the hive, line the inside of nest cavities and repair honeycomb. Without Bee Propolis, the hives could be susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Some of it’s benefits include anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory.

I bought  Chainbridge Oat & Honey along with a few other honey based products to commemorate  World Honey Bee Day.   The ointment had a very soothing effect on sore inflamed parts of mine and my daughter’s hands, especially the parts that were cracked. When the skin is broken you must be careful what product you use. We tended to apply it at night a few minutes before sleep for best results.



Hand Care Regime


Good hygiene is important now more than ever, hand washing is vital. Nonetheless, we need to be kind to our hand.  Moisturise hand regularly through out the day.

How do you care for your hands? What is your favourite hand cream? Is your eczema prone? If so what works best for you?

Comment below. I’d love to hear from  you.



Feature image: R.F Studio via Pexel.com







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