I should be working on my life resolutions for 2016. This year I’m struggling to put my resolutions down on paper. Resolutions have always given me a focus and an objective for the year. Last year it was all about finding my way back to me .  I’ve achieved it. This year I feel that it’s time to buckle down and commit to deeper life changing goals but it’s bit scary and VERY grownup. So let’s talk hair for now…


Gym Life and Natural Hair

July 2015 I re-joined the gym and it changed my life. My entire mind-set had changed. I not only shed pounds but I also lost a few inhibitions along the way. Hair-wise, I’d developed dry itchy scalp. The condition was new to me, so, I felt a self-conscious. My hair seemed to be thinner as well. After speaking to a few natural hair bloggers and friends who also exercise regularly, I began washing my hair after every workout. 


TWA 2015

They advised that a post-gym shampooing would get rid of sweaty salt build-up and prevent bacteria from growing. However, I catch colds easily. I dreaded having to wash and style long hair three to four times weekly. At any rate, I desperately craved a look up update.  My Color Crazy Cyclamen colour had long since rinsed out. So I went for an asymmetrical tapered TWA around mid-summer.

The new look better suited my slimmer face. I’d already lost about half a stone in weight. I had a touch up in October and December. It wasn’t until Christmas time that I realised my hair wasn’t itching anymore. After struggling for months the condition was gone. With a new physic and new head on my shoulders so to speak I sashayed into 2016.


Hydration is key

Recently Jenell B Stewart (American natural hair blogger) told me via brownbeautytalk twitter chat that she doesn’t wash her hair after a workout. Moisturising daily works for her. Regular exercise and sweat did not lead to her having the itchy flaky scalp some of us suffer from. When I think about it, washing my hair more meant that I was moisturising more, perhaps therein lies the key.


Jenell also mention that if you have an unhealthy scalp its best so see your doctor. Sometimes hormonal changes can affect the scalp. You can search hashtag #BBT to follow the brownbeatuytalk Sunday chats. (@JenellBStewart on hosted the talk 10th January 2016.) In my case, the matter seemed simpler than I’d imagined. I aim to maintain regular moisturising of my hair, drinking and eating as healthily as I can.

I’d also like to begin taking a supplement for my all round health. Hopefully my hair will become fuller again. If not, then I will see the GP. Perhaps the thickness is an age thing…


My hair resolution for 2016 to maintain moisture and thickness whatever the length. How about you? Have you set any health goes. Please leave a comment below.




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