I’ve worn my hair short for two years but I don’t think Valentina can remember. Last year summer I had my hair styled in cornrows with extensions. She loved the look on me; in fact she was a little jealous that my hair was longer than hers. I had chuckle at her expense… my bad. Then when I took it out, she was so gutted she asked me to grow my hair. I agreed. I’ve had three big chops in the past 7 years since I’ve been natural. 2018 I will ignore the pull of the cut life and focus on growing my hair, again.

The Challenges

After enjoying the bliss of short hair and limited detangling, I must remember not to rush the process. It’s better and easier to detangle curly hair if it’s damp or has been spritzed with a detangling potion.

When I have long hair feel obliged to style it. My asymmetrical TWA has grown out into shoulder length curls when stretched. Shrinkage makes in spring into draw-length. Nonetheless, I can achieve a quick and easy afro puff/bun which is great for the school run.

Hair Goals Checklist Of Benefits

  • Now that I’m on the other-side of 40, I’m curious to see how my hair changes. As far as I can tell I only have two grey strands in my hair line.
  • It keeps me warm which is great during winter.  Sometimes dampness causes shrinkage but I’m not fussed.
  • I want both of my children to see my natural long texture and how I care for it.


The Process

I have no plans to colour my hair until maybe in the autumn. I want to grow out my bleached ends and trim them off. Then I’ll have a full heard of virgin curly hair again.

Coloured extensions will be one way to alter my look from time to time. They are also great for protective hairstyling, to give the hair a break from regular manipulation.

My weekly hair wash routine will include a treatment on alternate weekends.  Treatments fortify my hair and put the ping back into my curls.

Part of my new year health regime I will be taking supplements which will include vitamins that support hair growth (i.e. vitamin E, C and B).


What are your hair goals? How to you plan to achieve it for 2018? Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how I can get on.


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