There are so many advantages of investing in solid wood kitchens, making them a popular choice for many modern homemakers. Wooden features can totally transform the overall look of your kitchen, providing you with an appealing rustic style which is simplistic, functional, attractive, durable and practically fuss-free.


Wooden worktops and cabinets


Kitchen wooden worktops provide not only fantastic functionality for modern and contemporary purposes, they also have a natural, warm and homely quality that you just can’t get from other materials. Wooden kitchen worktops are simplistic but also offer great durability, and once installed will last for many years.

Wooden kitchen features can also carry good economic value, as wooden furniture can increase your home’s value. The rustic kitchen style is particularly popular at the moment, and offers a classic look that won’t go out of style. TIP: As a general rule, the older the wood, the better it’s going to look in your kitchen.



Easy to maintain


A wooden kitchen requires minimum maintenance, making it another reason people opt for wood. Just apply a little oil every two or three months to protect your wooden from heat, and avoid using abrasive cleaning material.


Environmentally friendly


Wooden kitchens and worktops have always been an ecologically sound investment, but more recently fact is stepping up as one of the main reasons to install wood in your kitchen. An average sized kitchen that has been fitted with oak worktops generally locks in what’s known as a positive carbon value – around 200kg. This compares favourably to the negative carbon impact if you were to install steel (1400 kg), concrete (900 kg) or granite (450 kg) – despite the last choice also being a natural material.


Improvements in technology


Due to advancements in oiling technology, timber is now so well protected that you no longer need to worry about your wood staining and marking. Strangely, many of the techniques applied to modern wood are reminiscent of older, more traditional timber treatments dating back around 300 years. A wander round a stately home can illustrate this point.


Choosing the right wood


The most popular choices for modern wooden kitchens are oak or walnut. Things to consider when choosing the right wood for your kitchen include age, colour, durability, grains etc. – although once you’ve chosen a wood, it should last decades if not longer! Remember that each wood comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the different in price range. Saying that, you should opt for the best quality wood your budget can afford, as a wooden kitchen is a fantastic investment and can really boost the value of your home.

And lastly, we wish you the best of luck with selecting your perfect wooden kitchen!




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