Since our  house move last week, well for some time now I’ve been feeling a bit bogged down by my duties as a SAHM. So much so,  International Women’s Day almost passed me by without thinking of a way to acknowledge the achievements and/or the struggles of my sisters around the world. As we say ‘life gets in the way’. However, in the scheme of things my feelings are based on my remembrance of time when I was ‘footloose and fancy free’. Many girls and women will never have the chance to know what it means to have such liberties. I take this opportunity to say thank you to the many women who have helped to nuture me and befriended. Special thanks you to the folks at Concern for reminding me that there is still work to be done for women’s right and gender equality. Here’s their guest post.



Every year on 8 March, people come together for International Women’s Day. The event is an opportunity to focus on the struggles women face and celebrate the bravery of women confronting injustice around the world.

Concern Worldwide is committed to gender equality. International Women’s Day is an important time for us to remember women and girls whose lives are steeped in poverty and discrimination.

It’s also a chance to reflect on the important achievements in areas of gender equality, including advances in law, education and livelihoods which have changed how women live.

We believe that we can’t address extreme poverty unless we tackle inequality. On International Women’s Day, we show our support to women and girls who are still living their lives without the rights they should have.




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