The one’s among us who love cooking always fantasize about having a dream kitchen. Once upon a time this dream was out of our pockets, but today building a wholesome and aesthetically pleasing kitchen is well within our means. This is the main reason why granite, which was previously used for luxury kitchens only, is now available to suit all budgets. They’re considered ideal for safe cooking, and are almost maintenance free. Keeping them clean is just a matter of minutes.


Are you planning to have granite worktops installed in the kitchen? You should know that it’s going to be a wise investment. We all know cleaning the kitchen after cooking is the messiest part; you don’t want your worktops to be breeding grounds for bacteria.  Cleaning granite will be much easier when compared with other materials because they don’t absorb stains, they are scratch resistant and cleaning them will not take ages.

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Here’s how you can clean and maintain granite worktops in the kitchen for safe cooking:

Blot stains immediately

The secret for keeping your adorable granite worktops clean is to blot up any spills before they become stains. Although granite is not very porous in nature, and when installed in kitchen it is properly sealed before use, we advice you not take any risk and wipe off the stains with a damp cloth. This will definitely prolong the life of granite, and keep it looking like new for years.

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The most fearsome strainers are coffee and soda. They can actually make the granite look dull, if the surface absorbs it.

Be careful while placing hot pans

Here again, you should note that granite is one of the most hard wearing materials, and does not easily get damaged by heat, but then again, it might start looking dull at places where you repeatedly place hot pans and pot. You can use a trivet to avoid sliding pans over granite, which can additionally cause slight scratching too.

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Never use vinegar or anything acidic for cleaning granite

Vinegar and lemon may be the most effective natural cleaners, but when it comes to granite, never use them. Vinegar or any other acidic cleaner can dull the looks of the granite surface by reacting with it.

To clean granite, use a damp cloth, or at the most use mild detergent or soap soaked cloth. This ensures the surface remains clean without becoming dull.

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Use a mild soap and soft cloth for regular cleaning

After preparing meals over your granite worktops, don’t get into the hassle of using cleaning agents. The best way to clean granite surface is to wipe the surface off with a soft cloth. In case a damp cloth alone is not able to get rid of the grease or the various odours left behind after cooking, use mildly warm water dissolved with light soap. First wipe the surface with water, and then dry it with another piece of dry cloth.

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What if a spill becomes a stain?

You can’t always clean every spill in the kitchen instantly. But, what happens if this spill becomes a stain? In that case you may use a gentle baking soda solution. If the stain is oil based, add some water to the solution and make a thick paste. If the stain is water based, add a little hydrogen peroxide (you can easily get it home improvement stores) for the paste. Spread the paste over the stain and let it sit overnight. If the stain is stronger, let it sit there for a day or two.

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By now you’ll know why granite is high in demand for kitchen worktops. Unlike others, it only takes a few minutes to get rid of the toughest stains from its surface, and you can save lots on monthly expenses by not buying any artificial cleaners.

Author Bio:

Ryan Henderson is owner of Henderstone LTD, a leading online retailer of quality quartz, granite and other worktop variants for homes and offices in South East. He is passionate about all things related to home improvement. Now a specialist worktop supplier, he loves to write on related topics when he finds time from his hectic schedule.


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