Last August Hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. It feels like just the other day I met this tall cute chubby cheeked guy for a date to see Matrix 2 in Greenwich. I never imagined then, sixteen years later we’d be everything to each other. The years have flown, our hair has begun to go grey but he still gives me tummy butterflies. It’s like gold dust to have time to ourselves, with two small children. It was a rare treat to have a full day together last summer for our anniversary. Hubby whisked me away and we had an amazing romantic getaway to Guernsey.


Southampton to Guernsey


On 4th August, we flew to Guernsey via Southampton to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. The island is a British Crown dependency in the English Channel.




After landing, we got into our rented car headed off to St Peter’s Port (the island capital) for breakfast. From there we walked up to the Candie Gardens. Whether you are into gardening or simply enjoy beautiful scenery.


Sightseeing In Guernsey


Candie Gardens is a must see. Entry is free. The lower gardens was restored 1998-99 and features plants from around the world. While the upper gardens is surveyed over by a statue of  the author Victor Hugo whose works include Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. He lived on the island in Hauteville House, Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, during his exile from October 1855 until 1870.  

I have big love for libraries but we couldn’t visit the Priaulx Library , which is located there, due to time constraints. Apparently, it contains books, maps and documents about Guernsey’s history. Hubby had a wonderful lunch date planned at scenic location.


Dining Out In Guernsey 


We dined at The Auberge, St Martins. Oh! The ocean view was breath-taking. Nestled in the cliffs of Guernsey, The Auberge has a clear view of the neighbouring Channel Islands, with an expanse of azure beautifully framed by palm trees. The Auberge uses seasonal quality local produce. Their kitchen team holds two AA Rosettes. So, you know their nosh is top notch. Although we chose to dine inside we lost nothing of the view. The décor is contemporary that features glass panels around the dining area. We went for a three course meal, starting with pan seared scallops, on to lobster ending.


Guernsey 2016

The seafood where so fresh they must have jumped out of the sea onto the pans. Every bite was sheer delight. We selected Eton Mess and a Panna Cotta for dessert both had fresh seasonal fruits.

Before leaving, we explored the grounds, breathed in the fresh cool sea breeze hand in hand.

Guernsey Beachlife


We had a scenic drive to The Little Chapel to thence to Cobo Bay.  The chapel was built by Brother Déodat, who started work in March 1914. It was meant to be a replica of grotto and basilica at Lourdes in France. Apparently the current chapel is the third version.

When we visited conservation work was underway. We didn’t have full access. Nonetheless we were still able to appreciate the work and dedication that would have gone into its construction. You can see pieces of Wedgwood ceramic, as well as, shells and pieces of glass.

The Little Chapels is a beauty. Entry is free but it relies of public donations for its upkeep.


Cobo Bay, Guernsey 

Driving on along narrow winding roads we arrived at Cobo Bay. Hubby stayed to look after our stuff on the shore while I had a swim.



The thing I miss most about ‘home’ (Trinidad) is the luxury of swimming in the sea. It was an idyllic experience being alone in the water. I felt small in the scheme of the universe but wonderfully FREE.

Remains of the day

Our Guernsey getaway was priceless. It gave us the chance to reconnect enjoying the things we love, together. Before flying back Southampton we had drinks at the Octopus Restaurant & Bar which is located south side of Havelet Bay. From their patio we could see Castle Cornet and enjoy the sea breeze.

It was best way we could’ve spent our anniversary. I’ll cherish our experience of Guernsey forever.

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(Updated 15th May 2020)





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