Lil Vallie loves looking a toy reviews on YouTube.  So when we received an invite to the premiere of The Grossery Gang movie, The Tiger Tales was on board. She does love her potty jokes and gross humour.  In fact she knows more a bit more than her big bro about The Grossery Gang, she was happy to show of her knowledge as lil sisters luv to do. Yesterday we headed to the elegant Courthouse Hotel in London for The Grossery Gang’s movie UK premiere, it was fun day out.

At the The Grossery Gang Movie premiere Pizza Face stopped by to hang out. The movie is now available for viewing on the Grossery Gang YouTube Channel. Check out the trailer here

There was also a surprise guest at the premiere… it was YouTuber Tiana of Toys & Me fame. The movie is just over a half an hour which is perfect for little viewers.  It’s all about a show down, The Grossery Gang VS The Clean Team. Now do doesn’t luv a food fight. Val and Angelo viewed it with ease. Val and I were on The Grosssery Gang’s side. She likes Pizza Face. I thought Meathead was well funny. NO surprise Angelo was all for the Clean Team. He liked Dust-Up.  No spoilers watch the movie to find out who won.

grossery gang pics

After the movie the kids took part in Grosser Gang inspired activities. I have to say they were all game for putting their lil hands into all sorts. It was not for the squeamish.  Younger kids went for Rotten Eggs Unlucky Dip and Sewer Dip. Older one went for the movie quiz. Those unlucky to voice the wrong answer had to put a pie on their face. It’s was all in the spirit of fun and all involved had a good time, only a few hairdos were hurt.

Before leaving we all had a lunch. The kids left with awesome goodie bags full of putrid pressies from The Grossery Gang. Checkout our Facebook and Instagram pages for more pics on the day’s events.


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