As a housewife, I’m mindful that some of the products I use to clean house can contain ingredients that could be harmful to the environment. Due to budgetary constraints I’m torn between the cheaper products that I know will work and pricier products that are more organic but the results are unknown. When Greener Cleaner offered me a review opportunity, I went for it. I decided to trial their bathroom set  As a family of four with only one bathroom and toilet, I prefer qquick acting, effective cleaners. I was thrilled to see how well the Greener Cleaners products worked.

  • The Greener Cleaner bathroom set comprises of:
  • x1 Window Wiper – Removes water & liquids from windows, glass, tiles, showers and cars.
  • x1 Window & Glass Cloth – Lightly dampen cloth and clean any shiny surface: window or glass surface including mirrors, granite and marble.
  • x1 Bathroom Cleaner Liquid – Hard surfaces including: tiles, chrome, stainless steel, acrylic, showers.
  • x1 Limescale Remover Liquid – Hard surfaces including: sinks, taps, showers, baths and toilets.
  • (although they not part of the set I received 2 bathroom cloths, 2 all-purpose clothes and a utility brush)


Greener Cleaner’s cleaning liquids contain less than 5% non-ionic surfactant (this is what allows grease and water to mix), disinfectant and perfume. Bathroom cleaning can be time consuming and tiring, but the cleansers worked like a dream. Cleaning the bathroom was incredibly easy! I sprayed on the cleansers waited 5 minutes, then, all the suds build-up and limescale wiped away with very little elbow grease. I used the all-purpose cloth to wipe as way the cleansers. However, on for the bath-door panel but I followed up with the glass cloth for a finishing shine. For the bathroom mirrors, I only had to damp the glass cloth to clean and shine. There were absolutely no strikes or fibres left on the mirrors. Another big plus is that the bathroom was not filled with strong fumes. In winter, I usually clean the bathroom with the window closed. When I’ve finished cleaning my face sometimes tingles a bit due to products. I have sensitive eczema prone skin. I had no problems with Greener Cleaner. I risked using the products without gloves but my hands were not irritated. I would not say don’t use gloves. Each consumer to would have to decide what’s safe for his or herself. I’m merely stating that I didn’t experience any skin irritation after using the products.

I was pleased with the quality of the window wiper and utility brush. They are very strong and hard-wearing. Their handles are made from Greener Cleaners specially created eco-flex material. In fact all the handles and solid parts of their products are made from Eco-Flex. Eco-flex is 50% wood pulp and 50% recycled plastic.  The brushes and brooms are available in four different colours. Please watch this video about eco-felx, it’s a truly ingenious material

I admire the ethos of Greener Cleaner, they are about “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. All their products can be bought from their online shop for which you can join the Loyalty Card Club  When you register you will receive 50 points to get you started. The complete bathroom set RRP £11.99. I think its excellent value. I estimate the cleaners would last for at least three months, depending on the size of of bathroom and frequency with which the products are used. The cloths can be washed, with good care will easily last several months, possibly a year. On the loyalty card scheme you will earn 12 points.  Greener Cleaner is a British brand based in Dorking, Surrey. For more about their products visit their website or get social. You will find Greener Cleaner on the major social media channels.



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