This is our second year growing wildflowers in The Tiger Tales HQ garden. In the last autumn I planted seeds from Grow Wild. It always a joy to see what pops out, then I try to work out whether or not its a weed or plant I want to keep. When the flower blooms I usually call on my green-fingered mates to help me work out what bloom it is.  Now this summer there’s a venture to help the Great British public to identify local wildflowers!! I’m super excited about that,  for us at the Tiger Tales HQ it will work well alongside the Big Butterfly count. The kids and I enjoy going on nature walks to spot butterflies and the flowers they feast on, along with the bees. If like us you the outdoors then, Plantlife’s Great British Wildflower Hunt  its the activity for you.



Plantlife says; The hunt, the UK’s first large-scale interactive guide to wild flowers, offers everyone the opportunity to have fun and boost their botanical knowledge like never before; It helps families learn together, giving them the confidence to identify the wildflowers that are growing in their nearby urban park, meadow, field or woodland.

There are nearly 50 flowers to identify and hunters are able to filter photos by colour, mark off flowers spotted, and earn flower points to be shared on social media via #WildflowerHunt. Firm favourites like buttercups and red clover earn users one star, while rarer gems like common spotted orchid and harebell are three-pointers.


Spotting Wildflowers

Some wildflowers are only just coming into their best, usually blooming a bit later in summer. In the next few weeks, keep an eye out for yarrow, rosebay willowherb and blackberry, as well as a few invasive non-native species like butterfly bush and Himalayan balsam. 

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Press release text provided by Plantlife.


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