I think peaceful sleep is a necessity that’s treasured greatly. In today’s fast paced world restorative sleep seems harder to obtain. As a child my mum always ensured that I had a daytime nap and it was an practice that I maintained into adulthood.  According to Jim Horne1  Britain’s leading expert on sleep, women need twenty minutes more sleep than a man. In essence, the more you use your brain the more it needs rest while you sleep.  Generally, we need seven to nine hours sleep to function well the following day. However, women are more likely to have less than 7 hours sleep. On becoming a mum daytime naps are now a rarity. In fact, EVEN my night time sleep has been affected. Sleep deprivation began late in my first pregnancy and has remained to the present day. Improving the sleep environment is one way to combat sleep deprivation. I may be bias but there is no one that I can think of who deserves restful sleep than a new mum. In this post, I’ll show you how a new mum can revamp the bedroom to create a soothing environment for better quality of sleep.


Creating a good sleep environment


‘Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the stresses of the day. Use your senses to create the best environment for sleep.’2 By my second pregnancy, the bump grew faster and larger. This caused no end of discomfort due to the sciatic I developed with the first. Pillows and cushions were my best friends for comfort and support.I placed them between my legs to help align my hips to take the pressure of my lower back, while sleeping.

I recently spotted lots of cosy options at Yorkshire Linen. Looking back, I realise slight tweaks to how my bedroom was arranged would have helped me to embrace my pregnancy experience. At first my sleep was interrupted due to the discomfort from my growing bump, after that it was my babies’ colic, breastfeeding and postnatal depression.  Prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to all sorts of problems from loss of temper to depression3. Having a cosy bedroom to take a quick kip as and when you can makes a big difference.

Here are a few simple suggestions on how to start improving the look and feel of your bedroom:

  •  If you have not done so already use the energy that comes in the nesting phase to clean and declutter to (TV or computers or their distractions to sleep)4
  • Reorganise to create space and the feeling of ease
  • If you have not done so in a while, purchase new pillows


Bedroom Update


Once you have sorted out the layout, you can zone in and add a few accents to bring that calm spa-like feeling into your bedroom. Whether  you are new mum, friend, family to a mum to be looking for a baby shower gift, look no further. Check out my bedroom update inspiration. I sourced images from Yorkshire Linen, Ikea, Next Home, The White Company and Pinterest.


kelso duck egg quilt set


Duvet sets

There are so many options from floral, to glamorous, to fad and so on. Nevertheless, during this special time you might want to can go for  simple elegance, regal, nautical or shabby chic motifs.




Cushions give that comfy, cosy bordering on decadent feeling. I luv a furry cushion but  you can also for a stylish, botanical or country vibe.


Throws, Bedspread & Blanket


Throws are not just for the colder months, like cushions they can add texture and colour to a room. Its the same for spreads and blankets. If you factor in your partner when decorating your bedroom, you can go for an understated floral print, rich chocolate or deep charcoal colours maybe even a cosy knit.


Get Cosy


That said, what’s cosy to me may not be so for you. Darker richer tones may connote comfort for you. You maybe you are having a winter baby and want to draw from the colours of the season. You may even want to get earthy and free-spirited, go bohemian. The above are suggestion for a new mum.

I wish you restful sleep and sweet dreams.



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This blog post was written in partnership with Yorkshire Linen Co. However, the concept and content are my own. They do not have any editorial control over my blog content.

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