Parragon Books has created a new range of sparkly creative books that feature Princess Gittlerbelle. ‘Glitterbelle is a modern-day princess who is smart, funny and very enthusiastic! She loves her parents (the King and the Queen), adores her pet dog Bob, enjoys racing around on her scooter and can be found climbing trees with her best friends Dazzlina and Angel. Like all princesses, Glitterbelle has pretty dresses covered in sequins, but she prefers wearing leggings and her glittery trainers!’ Giltterbelle also loves all things purple, so naturally she Princess that’s already won my heart. I adore her. Oops did I say I… I meant daughter Valentina loves her! She took one look the two books Parragon Books sent and said “Mummy I love it!” and give the books a cuddle. Valentina is only two, so of course I HAD TO HELP her with activities and got a bit too involved I fear. Her brother Angelo was also on hand to ‘help her a bit’. ‘Glitterbelle Dazzling Dress-Up’ and ‘Giltterbelle Doodle, Dazzle Create!’ are fun artistic sparkly books that little girls will love.

'Glitterbelle Dazzling Dress-Up' activity book

‘Glitterbelle Dazzling Dress-Up’ activity book

Although Valentina has a good attention span for her age, I think, she is less interested in books than her brother Angelo. She likes to go off and do her own think, climbing, riding her ride-on car, role playing and so on. She’s very independent. I’m learning that I have to keep story time short but interactive and fun. She responded really well to ‘Glitterbelle Dazzling Dress-Up’ because has all the elements she loves, an activity with sparkles, stickers and clothes. To set the mood, I set out bright floral picnic blanket, I blew up balloons, whipped out her toy magic wand and were ready to play. She has good finer motor skills but I had to help her understand what each activity required. Left to her own devices, she’d apply stickers everywhere but then again she’s only two. Angelo likes to share in activities with his sister. He was not put off by the fashion and glitter. He loves stickers! It was fun looking at him selecting outfits and with suitable shoes for the outfit and the correct number at that. I still select his clothing and give him help as needed when he as to get dressed. I found this exercise with Glitterbelle stimulating, to see how he would put garments together. We discussed right and left, quantities, colours and so own. Its not all parties and sparkle but little ones will have the chance to dress up Glitterbelle and her friends in their favourite job outfits. This is an opportunity to talk about employment and the types of jobs that grown-up do. ‘Gillterbelle Dazzling Dress-up’ allows little ones to learn via imaginative and interactive play. This a book that will appeal to mostly girl’s ages and is suitable for ages 3-7 years. It’s a paperback book and RRP £4.85

'Glitterbelle Doodle Dazzle Create' activity book

‘Glitterbelle Doodle Dazzle Create’ activity book

‘Giltterbelle Doodle, Dazzle Create!’ is an activity book suitable to ages 4-7 years. It’s a slightly more advance for my kids. It’s one that I can set aside to be used in a months. This took requires more focus and controled hand movements for fine motor skills. The activities are more hands-on craft. Some of the tasks set are: designing a party dress, breaking a secret code, and making your own jewellery box. It comes with a little notepad which is small enough to fit into the purse of a mini fashionista. She can do draw and doodle while out and about. I quite like this book. It’s a chance for girls to create their own world with their own special lingo through imaginative play. It’s a paperback book and RRP £4.40.  However, you will be spending a little extra on top, if you don’t usually stock craft suppllies at home.

‘Giltterbelle Dazzling Dress-up’ and ‘Glitterbelle Doodle Dazzle Create!’ make perfect partners as a gift. However, the can be used separately. They are affordable and would make a delightful midweek surprise for a little who’s been a good girl. The Dazzling Dress Up will be a hit with smaller ones because of the dress up and to the sticker fun. Most children like stickers, boys and girls alike.


Please note: This is not a sponsored post, although I received this product from the publisher for free trial for the purpose of this review. They do not exercise any editorial control over my review or anything else on this site.







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