At the London Toy Fair this year, I attended the UK launch for Disney’s animated series, Vampirina. I fell immediately with the fun-loving spirited batty girl and couldn’t wait to introduce her to my kids. They promptly told me they knew about her, they had seen clips on YouTube.  They luv her. Now, as a back to school feature, we have reviewed Vampirina’s Bootastic Backpack and Spooky Scooter play sets.



If you didn’t know, Vampirina is the adorable daylight-walker vampire girl next door.  She embodies confidence, self-love, courage and friendship; all qualities that parents aspire to foster in their children. Vampirina lives in the Scare B&B with her mum and dad. In the episodes we see her tackle first day at school, making friends and problem solving.  Did I mention she loves to sing and dance?!  She’s such an inspirational animated character.

Vampirina’s Bootastic Backpack Set

Talking about back to school; at the end of the 6 weeks summer holidays, little ones sometimes find it tricky returning to school. Not to mention, if they will be starting nursery or school or the first time. I know my two find it hard to settle the night before school. A comforter: memento or favourite toy can smooth over the transition

Vampirina’s Bootastic Backpack set is an awesome back to school gift essential (RRP£24.99). The backpack set is just like Vampirina’s. It includes one backpack with (straps are adjustable) sunglasses and a light up talking necklace. They would making great talking points for little ones who are scared and don’t know what to say. Toys and common interests bring kids together. Other features include:

  • bat wing hair clips
  • Creepy Caroline backpack clip
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • Dimensions: 8.9L x 41.9W x 33H cm
  • Batteries Required: 3 x LR44/AG13 (Included)


Little ones store and carry their treasures, on their first day back to school. For example figures from the Vampirina blind bags (12 characters to collect including 1 Rare Chase Figure) or mini playsets.  They will fit perfectly inside.

Valentina used her stickers and backpack clip to customize her backpack.  The necklace was easy to clip together which made her feel proud of herself. The set is suitable for ages 3+. Valentina is 5 and she loved hers.


Spooky Scooter Set

Angelo tested the Vampirina & Gregoria Spooky Scooter Set (RRP£11.99). There is also another set featuring Poppy (Vampirina’s friend) and her spooky friend Wolfie. Angelo is pretty chilled, so, he enjoyed testing and set.  However, not all boys are. I think it would be good to have an Edgar playset so boys can have another option.

The Spooky Scooter set included:

  • Vampirina figure
  • Scooter
  • Gregoria
  • Skateboard

No batteries are required.  The skateboard can be attached on the back of the scooter so that they can ride together.

The sparkle game is strong with Vampirina and her friends. The figures and accessories all have sparkle accents. In fact, for this particular play set Gregoria is a translucent sparkly purple.  Gregoria is stationary but Vampirina has moveable arms, waist, and head. She’s also got the sparkle on her helmet scooter wheels and clothing. The wheels also move. On a flat or down an incline the scooter will move fast and give double the fun.

Thumbs up

We give the Vampirina sets 2 thumbs up. On price, durability, portability, Vampirina’s Bootastic Backpack and Spooky Scooter sets  are brilliant!  They will make back to school bootacular!

Vampirina toys and collectables are available at Smyths Toys and Amazon.

We wish you a bootastic school year!


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