The Black Wellness Community have partnered with Healthy Huemans to highlight bloggers of colour on their Instagram page. I was nominated to share my story with them and their readers but I think it’s an awesome opportunity for my new readers to get to know my back story as well. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to learn from an amazing wellness community of people who look like me.  This is my Get to Know a Blogger of Colour Challenge.


What lead you to start your blog The Tiger Tales?

I began The Tiger Tales summer 2011 to chronicle the milestones in the life of my son. He was born in 2010, Year of the Tiger on the Chinese calendar; hence, the name of the blog. He’s of Chinese, Italian and Afro Caribbean descent (same as my daughter who was born two years later).

Looking back on it now, it really was a way for me to process and share my parenting journey as an black expat with mixed race children.


Being an expat parent what does wellness or self care look like for you?

The start of my parenting journey it was rough. I experienced postnatal depression after the birth of my son.  Although I had been an expat for several years, becoming a mother somehow made me feel vulnerable. Blogging helped great deal and gave me the courage to seek help, eventually. Back then self-care was non-existent; I was busy trying to hold it together.  Three years ago when both children began primary school, my wings spread a little.

Now, my self-care routine involves going to the gym at least three times per week. I also journal, do mindful colouring and swim.

What wellness advice do you have for an expat partner just starting out?

Get to know your adoptive country: people, art, culture heritage, and embrace it. Don’t look back, always keeping moving forwards. In absence of an extended family, try to connect with fellow expats via community groups and cultural gatherings. You don’t need a large network but a trusted few in your network will be a big help.

Make time for yourself. Find the joy by taking a walk in the park/forest (nature watching, forest bathing) or whatever brings you joy. Couples time is vital, perhaps more so as an expat because you have to stay strong and connected to keep the family happy together.

Definitely keep a journal because it helps to unpack the day, clear your head and get to know yourself on a deeper level.


 What is your most trusted natural remedy?

My most trusted natural remedy is honey, lemon and ginger for the coughs and colds. If it’s a stubborn chesty cough I add garlic. I should also add that it’s advised not to give children under the age of 1 year honey.


Who or what inspires you?

Maya Angelou and Oprah for their courage and resilience..


Describe yourself in three words? 

I am a considerate open minded wanderer.


What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Get through the next five minutes, then the next five minutes and the next five minutes and so on.


Bonus Question

What self-care items can you not leave home without?

Weleda Skin Food, I use it top to toe as, when and where it’s needed.  If I’m getting a bit stressing I apply a little to my hand and the fragrance calms me.


Thanks again The Black Wellness Community and Healthy Huemans for nominating me to share my story.



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