The last time I attended a blog conference, BritMums Live in fact, was  back in 2012. I was roughly 3 months pregnant with my second child and I was so nervous. I almost didn’t attend. I was still very new to the blogging arena. I knew very few people from in person meetings, added to that I was (still am) terribly shy. However, I bit the figurative bullet and bought my ticket. Then came the question, what do I wear?! I wanted to feel comfortable but look suitable. As luck would have it I won a voucher from Expat Mammy to spend at me&i.  I selected a dress and it arrived in time. I blogged on my styling options but on day one I rocked up to the conference in a revised version of my ensemble. Then it happened… I bumped into Jenny from me & i (they happened to be the sponsors for conference that year) and we were wearing the same dress!



BritMums Live 2012


me&i fashion

Me and Jenny from me&i

It’s just one of those things that a girl dreads but I was pleased to be in good company. I’m pleased to say that since then, I’ve had a lovely working relation with me&i.

The best bits for me were the sessions and meeting bloggers I usually chat to online.  I was so inspired and fired up! It was really comforting to be around like-minded individuals, especially as I’m a SAHM who has little one to one contact with adults on a regular basis.





BritMums Live 2012

Tinuke, Adele and Me

I gained a sense of belonging. I told anyone who would listen that they should attend the following year.  As faith would have it, I didn’t attend in 2013 as bump, Valentina, was still too young and my confidence flagged again. I could not think of attending with her.

This year I missed the early bird tickets. I spent too much time thinking about the logistics and childcare. Then, I toyed with finding a sponsor but didn’t think I was popular enough to find one. In the end, I kissed my credit card and bought the ticket at full price and thought childcare will workout… still working on that…



About Me


Name: Maria Tumolo

Blog:  The Tiger Tales

Twitter ID: @MsXpat

Height: 5ft 9 inches

Hair:  Natural curly mixed heritage hair with auburn highlights

Eyes: Dark brown

Is this your first blogging conference? This will be my 2nd attendance.

Are you attending both days? I’m still not sure, childcare still up in the air but definitely I will be there on the Saturday. I’ll book a sitter.

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2014?

I’m looking forward the sessions and once again meeting other bloggers. I feel so out on island somewhere and I struggle to keep up with techie trends and other blog enhancement features.

What are you wearing?

I wish I could win another voucher or someone would offer to dress me. I’m no longer pregnant but I’m probably the same size (shame). In reality most likely I’ll wear a Marisota combo as their pieces are my most flattering  recent purchases.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2014?

I hope to finally gain my blogger confidence once and for all.

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before?

You may feel scared and bit anxious , that ok but just be yourself. Everyone is friendly.  Don’t’ be phased by what same seem to be a clique. Some bloggers spend time chatting online and meeting up.  It doesn’t mean you will not be welcomed into a conversation. Just say ‘hello’. You are sure to make a friendship that will inspire and empower you as a blogger and an individual. And remember its not all serious, you will have time to be creative, mingle and/or rest whatever you fancy.



BritMums Live 2012

Fun bits from BritMums Live 2012





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