Now who doesn’t love bubbles?  They are delightful in our drinks, bath and outdoor fun. When Angelo was a toddler used them as part of our interactive story time, I even took bubbles with me for long bus journeys. Thinking back on those days, other travellers must have thought me cray cray. Nonetheless, whatever the season our home is never without bubble mixture to keep the Angelo and Valentina entertained. Gazillion Bubbles fabulous. Recently, we trialled Gazillion Crazy Wands at The Tiger Tales HQ.

Gazillion Crazy Wands

Gazillion Bubbles is known as a premium bubble brand. In my experience, they create large pretty bubbles. Now that Spring is here, the bubbles will look so magical in the golden sunlight.  Gazillion Bubbles have added a new element that will bring humour to the bubble making experience.

Gazillion Crazy Wands (RRP £3.99). There are 3 designs available:

  • Crazy Wands Bunny Teeth & Tongue
  • Crazy Wands Moustache & Lips
  • Crazy Wands Vampire & Monster

Each crazy wand package contains two wands, a dipping tray and an 8oz bottle of Gazillion premium solution. The crazy wands are photo-booth style wands so that all in the family can have bubble fun. Gazillion Crazy Wands would be awesome to use at parties and for outdoor play.

The Trial

During the recent spell of intense sunshine and warmth Angelo and Valentina trialled Gazillion Crazy Wands. They enjoy blowing bubbles as much as catching and bursting them.

What we loved: There was sufficient mixture in an easy to grip chunky bottle, the wands were wacky and fun play around with while adopting fun characters. The bubbles created were large, delicate with the most delight colours. They were full spectrum.

What we didn’t love: It was tricky to make sufficient bubbles in one go with the novelty wands. From our trial, the mixture worked best with a standard bubble wand.


Overall we have big luv for Gazillion Crazy Wands.  Bubble fun is a wonderful way to get outdoors and be active, add to that the crazy wands… well its going to be a fun-filled kookie Spring. The wands can be bought online from Amazon.



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