The first time Angelo went to the seaside, he was about 8 months old. We went to Seaford. It was a scorching day. He was well lathered in sunscreen and his cherub curls were under a sun-hat. He looked like he was about to play cricket, all he was missing was his cricket whites. Last Sunday we went to Brighton Beach. It was Valentina’s first time to the seaside and the first time Angelo played by the seashore.

One thing I miss about Trinidad & Tobago is the warm beaches. The last time I popped myself into the British sea, I SWEAR my heart stopped for a second. It was like being submerged into a bucket of ice and this was during the SUMMER! I love being close to water. I’m an island girl at heart, yet still,  I didn’t naturally take to water as well as Angelo did. I remember being around 6 years old and terrified of the sea. I’d run away whenever the water rushed up to my feet. 
Angelo, the brave little tiger that he is was fearless. I escorted him to the shore and he picked up pebbles to through into water. While I was moaning and screaming about the cold water on my feet; he was undeterred from throughing the pebbles. He didn’t seem to notice the cold! BRRrrr…

Valentina shared her time between her daddy and I further up the shore. She was having her own sensory experience touching pebbles and sea shells. True to form she was more interested in popping them into her mouth that feeling them, though. 
If she could she would’ve crawled away from me to explore but I kept her in grips to avoid any choking incidents. She also seemed enjoyed looking at the sea gulls flying overhead, there again my children surpassed me with courage. 
Since seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, I get a bit anxious when they get too close for my comfort. All in all our trip to the beach was a good late afternoon treat for the kids. They both slept much better that night, must been the fresh air and excitement of the new location.

Its true what they say, ‘the best things in life are free’.

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