Since becoming a mum, I’m much slower at coming up with New Year’s resolutions. Although I’m seeing light at the end of tunnel, I still feel dazed and confused sometimes. I could blame it on sleep deprivation but I think its more than that… This year I totally missed the toll of the New Year AND the fireworks. I was out for the count. Its only taken me two weeks! But I’ve got my aim and objective for 2015.

According to the February/March issue of Blackhair magazine, the top 1o resolutions that people are likely to break are:

  • Start regular exercise
  • Cut out junk food
  • Have a healthy detox
  • Drink Less
  • Waste less money
  • Start a hobby
  • Save money for something like buying a house
  • Meet up with old friends
  • Learn to cook something fancy
  • Keep a diary/memoir

The last couple of years, I’ve been working on freeing myself to go beyond my comfort zone. As a result, I’m more confident than I used to be. However, I have set a few of those resolutions above myself and broken them in the past. Just feeling whole again would be feat worthy of achieving. So, for 2015 my motto is ‘I got this’.

I got this. I resolve to claim control over my life. I resolve to claim wholeness. I resolve to claim confidence. I resolve to claim calmness and clarity to be the best woman, wife and mum I can be.




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