… and just like that, it’s Christmas jumper season. Love or loath you must admit, if you don’t have one you experience FOMO. I adopted the Christmas jumper shenanigans years ago because it truly brings to festive cheer. Then, a couple years ago I began looking for jumpers by small British brands. When I finally found one I liked it was all sold out. This year, I got in there early even before the Black Friday sales! I treated myself to a couple Christmas sweatshirts because I can dress them up or down, wear them indoors or out. Sweatshirts are fun, trendy and easy to wear. Here my top picks of festive sweatshirts by Black British Brands.


Women’s Sweatshirts

If I could get away with wearing sweatshirts every day I would. These days I’m all about the comfort. I haven’t lost that cosy ‘stay at home’ lockdown vibe from last year. One of the sweatshirts I bought during that time was from AfroTouch Design. It looked lux. The print was excellent quality and it washed well without fading. I loved it so much, when I saw that they had Christmas themed ones, I ordered one straight away. I’ve bought their ‘Sleigh All Day sweatshirt’ in a gorgeous bottle green. FYI they also design sweatshirts for men. Check them out. Sweatshirts RRP £30

The other sweatshirt I ordered was from Nyha Graphics. It’s a first for me ordering clothing from this brand. However, I have bought several products over the years and I was never disappointed. My expectations are high for this extension of their product line. It was hard to choose, in the end I committed to a red wine (cerise-like) coloured sweatshirt that bears the message, ‘Hope’. Nyha Graphics sweatshirts RRP£30 on Etsy and delivery is FREE.

hope sweatshirt

Children’s Sweatshirts

My kids are tall for their ages. They have long since grown out of ‘children’ sized clothing … sigh. Still I did enjoy looking at the kiddie festive sweatshirts. Frobelles is a brand that I have been following on Instagram for a while. They started as an app then their product line grew to include stationery, homewares and clothing. Their products are eye-catching and on-point. This year Frobelles has a range of Christmas sweatshirts for boys and girls. Price starts from £25. Order before 10th December, to receive your purchase in time for Christmas.

Bella and Logan I’m not familiar with but I spotted the sweatshirt on lifestyle blogger nahdz_adventures instafeed. As you do, I popped over to their website. The sweatshirts looked super cute, so, I thought I’d tell you about them as They stock a range of colours, even purple! Sweatshirts RRP£24.99


Are you a Christmas jumper or festive sweatshirt kinda person? Where do you normally shop for them? Comment below. If you need inspiration for Christmas gifts, check out my blog on on small Black British owned businesses.

Comment below and if you have a brand that we need to know.


Now that my Nyha Graphics sweatshirts have arrived I must who you how to looks. CLICK LICK to see my TikTok wearing it! festive sweatshirts

And here’s a pic as well of lil V and   me wearing ours.What do you think?







(updated 30th December 2021)




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