February can be a challenging month, after being paid early (not that I’m paid anymore as I’m an SAHM) in December to enable Christmas shopping. Then, perhaps, over-spending in the January sales… not to mention the winter weather, February can be a bit bleak. But WAIT… then comes along all the cultural events that can lift the mood. As an expat, I feel that I’m able to have twice or thrice as much fun with all the celebrations in February. 


Trinidad and Tobago Carnival


Saturday was Carnival Saturday. Then Monday was Carnival Monday (Trinidad & Tobago) which is the day that J’Ouvert also known as mud mas is played.


Chinese New Year 2013


This year, its the Year of the Snake on the Chinese calender.  All over the world wherever Chinese people live, there will be some sort of celebration.


Water Dragon

I remember last year at this time I was hoping for a baby girl and God granted  me that wish… here she is my lil Water Dragon 





Tuesday Celebrations in February


Well Tuesday was a momentous day.  It was Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day  ( United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada), &  Carnival Tuesday (Trinidad & Tobago).



AND lets not forget…


Valentine’s Day is COMING (this Thursday all over the world)

In honour, of these traditions on Saturday Hubby took me to our local Roti Shop for a Dahl-puri roti and some Pholourie. They are an both Indo-Trinidadian dishes. On Sunday we had dinner at our local Chinese restaurant to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Earlier in the day Angelo and I listened to music and made our snake puppet to commemorate The Year of the Snake, on the Chinese Calendar.

Sadly Angelo was sick all of Monday with fever we did nothing and tonight he’s not 100% so no pancakes were to be had in our house. The last time I had a pancakes was at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest last summer for my babymoon. I had the Fruits of the Forest sweet pancake at Pancake House… MMMmmm YUMMY!. While I didn’t have a chance to watch any Carnival footage from Trinidad, as I’ve been busy with the kids,  we did speak to my mum on Skype.  She filled me in on the Carnival goings-on.


More Celebrations in February


How do you feel about the month of February love it or loathe it? What celebrations in February, do you take part in? I’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences. As for me its a lovely month to celebrate the various cultural events that are significant to my family.




(updated 25th May 2020)




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