I have been as guilty as the next person of neglecting my feet. Now, that I’ve included running to my workout regime I realise how much of a pounding they take. Due to the menopause I sometimes get a tingling sensation on my instep and shin. Added to that, I’ve noticed that my heels are now prone dryness. So last year I treated myself to a professional pedicure. It had only taken me 5 years to do so. My nails are always short and I moisturise but it was long overdue necessity (and treat). Some may say it is vanity. Not surprisingly, I disagree. It is part of self-care. If you have a health condition that could affect your feet such as diabetes, poor circulation or a low immune system, it’s doubly important. Here are 3 reasons why feet care is important if you are over forty.



As is stated above, there are some health conditions that have adverse effects on our feet. For the forty plus, circulation and diabetes are such conditions, especially in the BAME community. NHS advises that your feet should be checked regularly by a GP, nurse or podiatrist if you have those ailments.

Cuts take longer to heal on a diabetic. Therefore, any cracks on the heel that is not being tended to can become infected and lead to further complications. While poor circulation can cause swelling amongst other concerns.



Exercise is integral to a healthy lifestyle. However, it does put pressure on the feet. I enjoy Zumba and I run. If my feet ache, then my gait changes.  Our bodies are clever and will try to compensate for the part that’s in distress.  If you don’t walk properly due to discomfort, the pain may ‘travel’ to another part of the body, such as the back and hips. Then you are likely you slouch or limp which makes you feel old … or is that just me?

During menopause there is a reduction in oestrogen which has the lock on effect on collagen levels. Heel pain during this phase of life can be connected, if in doubt speak to your GP.



What’s better than a good foot massage? It’s the best part of a spa pedicure. When I had my pedicure recently, it felt really good because I’d ran the day before. It was like a glorious release of tension for my calves and soles of my feet. Part of me felt indulgent taking an hour out for a pedicure but has the tension was massage away, in that moment, I knew I was doing something for me comfort wellbeing. Mum guilt be gone!

There are many benefits to having a foot massage. The benefits include:

  • improves circulation
  • stimulates muscles
  • reduces tension and pain


Do you care for your feet? How do you do so and what do you use? Comment below I’d love to hear from you.


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