Somehow the rave culture totally missed me. There were rave parties in Trinidad but I’d never been to any. I took life way to seriously in my twenties and by the time I arrived in England the rave scene had pretty much died down. Then, in February during the week of Imagine Fest on the Southbank I spotted an advert for a FREE family rave! What an interesting concept I thought. As luck would have it around that time, I received an invitation from Big Fish Little Fish (same company that threw the free rave) to attend one of their events. I perused their photos on Instagram and knew we would be in for an exciting afternoon out. I settled on attending their rave at The Bedford Arms, Balham, as it was the closest venue to us. My family and I attended our first family rave and our minds were blown!

Last Sunday the theme for the Big Fish Little Fish family rave was ‘Madhatter’s Tea Party’. I really wanted to dress up my kids but I don’t think they would have gone for it. So, in comfy ‘plain’ clothes we set off to the Bedford Arms. On arrival, after a warm welcome we were told how the rave was laid out. Once inside, the music, the lights, the vibe was electric. Disco ball, glittery confetti, happy friendly patrons, dancing kids. It felt like a ‘real’ party but in a safe child-friendly environment.  Hubby and I decided to make our way to the craft and reading area first, in order that the kids have a chance to settle into the scene. They happily played with other children in the tents provided in the baby toddler area, coloured a bit on the Madhatter’s Tea Party mural and then snacked.

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

Valentina like I both love music and dancing. She only has to hear a beat and will say  “Come on mummy dance!”. As you can imagine there was no chance of me sitting and shaking my leg at this event. She asked to dance, so with her little hand in mine we went down to the dance floor. At first I held her in my arms and danced, in order that she get a good look around then I put her down to do her thing. At one point she was on my back. Although she has not understanding of what ‘rave’ means. She clearly got caught up in the moment. She was jigging and waving her hands in the air… while on my back of course. Once she noticed her daddy wasn’t with us, she decided to re-join him and brother upstairs. There was the opportunity to for face painting and making your own hat but they opted not to. They were happy to play together and observe the scene from upstairs.

 Family Rave

I think Big Fish Little Fish family rave is brrrriliant! The music is great, it’s a good mix of 80’s and 90’s pop, soft rock and so on. You get a real feel good factor for 2 – 4 hours. There is something for everyone. Who would have thought you could go partying with your baby nappy bag?! Well I gave mine to hubby before I hit the dance floor but you get my meaning. The children have a chance to hear music that inspired and moved us when we were younger, they can be creative, have fun and exploration through imaginative play all in a safe environment. As for the adults, well… its moment in time to meet like-minded parents, have a chat, a drink, a dance and a laugh. Modern living can be rough on families. The places you can visit and enjoy that are truly child-friendly and fun for everyone seems to be limited.

If you and your family love a good party, Big Fish Little Fish events maybe just the ticket for you. Their service is literally award winning. They won the Family Arts Festival award for ‘Family Rave’ in 2014.  On Sunday, there were babes in arms, toddlers, and slightly older children. However, if you are wondering how old you child has to be, and what about the noise level for tender ears, click the link of frequently asked questions still not sure well check out these photos. Big Fish Little Fish are on various social media channels, visit their website for further details or to plan your visit.



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