My family and I love board games! It’s how we bond over festive seasons or when off on staycation. The one sure fire way to get the kids off their gadgets is to say ‘let’s play a board game!’ Full disclosure, I play to win so I very rarely go easy on them. We really get competitive. Most recently, on Saturday we had friends around and we played a word game down to the last letter. Seeing that I was on a winning streak, on Sunday, we went on to play Family Quiz Night by Cheatwell Games.

quiz night content


The Family Quiz Night

We were sent the board game Family Quiz Night Board to trial for the purpose of this review. Contents of the game box included:


  • 8 decks of question cards
  • Die
  • Playing Board
  • Playing counters
  • Rules

How it played Out

I’ve always wanted to take part in a quiz night! Well, we had own while cosy indoors. Family Quiz Night is an entertaining family friendly game. You can play as individuals or teams. Adults can play or adults can play against children. This game evens the playing field by dividing the card in half with a multiple-choice question for younger players and a challenging question for adults. Each deck of cards is a different category: TV, Movies, Geography, History, Music, People, Science & Nature, Pot Luck. There are lots of questions and enough categories to keep it exciting and fresh with every play session.

If you answer correctly, keep playing. If you get it wrong the game goes on to the next player. All used card go to the bottom of the pile. First one around the board and gets to the finish line is the WINNER!

deck of question cards

Our Thoughts

Family Quiz Night was nominated for Gift of the Year 2022! We thoroughly enjoyed our kids V grownups game. The kids are already asking ‘when can we play again?’ They felt they learnt things they didn’t know. The questions are pitched perfectly. There’s a mix of current pop culture, older historical and scientific question which make it not just fun but a learning opportunity. I was grateful we decided to play the multiple choice version. Good ole process of elimination helped me out big time.

The one ‘criticism’ for want of a better word is that I wish the board was bigger and the dice went up to six. Other than that it truly is brilliant game. We will definitely be playing it over the Christmas holidays. In fact with Christmas in mind, it will make a fab Christmas present for friends with kids who are little bit older.


Where to buy

We give Game Night two thumbs up. To read more Cheatwell Games product reviews CLICK HERE 

You can buy Family Quiz Night from Amazon and all good high street toy stores. Price may vary



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