When I was newly natural (i.e. no chemical processing of hair), I began dabbling in making my own hair and skin products. Some were hits others a miss but I found it thoroughly relaxing until morning sickness set in.  Three years after the fact, due to laziness and lack of time I no longer dabble, but I try to use fresh and close to natural products wherever I can.  After attending a workshop at Lush Cosmetics, Covent Garden, I’ve found NEW FRESH skin care regime.

Lush Workshop


I’m brand loyal to when it comes to my skin and hair products but it doesn’t get any better than fresh skincare. I’m glad I found Lush. I say found, truth be known I’ve used the brand before but until recently I only used their bath products.  However, at the workshop attendees engaged in making Lush’s bestselling fresh face mask, Catastrophe Cosmetic. We donned our gloves squished the blueberries, poured in and stirred glycerin  Irish moss, calamine powder etc to make the gorgeous smelling almost edible product.

Product Testing


For a full list of ingredients and product info click here. Work done, gloves off, attendees then had a skin consultation and were referred to relevant products to match their skin’s needs.
Currently I have dry skin so I tested the following:
  • Ultrabland Cleanser
  • Angels on Bare Skin
  • Imperialis Moisturiser

All the above products bear the Vegan Approved mark. I’m not vegan but it may be of interest to some.  I was happy with the smell and textures to all the products. Once at home, I tested them for three days. I have sensitive skin, so it wouldn’t take long for me to know if something isn’t right for it.  Until further notice, the above will be my NEW skincare regime.



Lush Workshops


If you would like to try your hand at making your own FRESH skincare products, Lush will be hosting similar workshops at their various branches.  Workshops at Coven Garden Lush will be every FIRST Wednesday of the month, at cost of £25 which will be redeemable against £10 worth of products from the shop floor at the end. Attendees will also receive their very own fresh skin care product made in the workshop.

For information visit your local Lush for information and to stay Lush Times visit their website.

All About Lush Emotional Brilliance Range


… did you know Lush also has a make-up range?! Well I didn’t. Prior to the birth of my daughter, Valentina, I wasn’t really it makeup. Suddenly, I’m thinking beauty balms and lippy.
Lush Co-Founder Rowena Bird invented the Emotional Brilliance range, working with ‘… renowned Strategic Behavioural Therapist Lady Kennedy, who specialises in changing people’s behaviour and attitudes, for the list of words. They are words she uses in her therapy session to alter perceptions and change behaviour. She specialises in mind care and working on your emotional state, where she takes someone from one state of mind and delivers them in another. The Emotional Brilliance range brings this form of exclusive mind therapy to the High Street through the art of colour.’
Basically, you spin the colour wheel and pick the three colours that stand out to you on the day.
Each colour is linked to a certain word and a particular product, each of which comes with its word affirmation. So in a manner of speaking, you will be wearing your emotions. I’ve often been accused of wearing my heart on my sleeves, thanks to Lush Cosmetics it’s now on my face.

Here it is… with my new lippy in the shade PASSIONATE



Lush Cosmetics Emotional Brilliance Range
Please note this is not a sponsored post, and the opinions stated above are based on my use of the products mentioned, some of which I received at the end of the workshop from Lush.
(updated 14ht May 2020)

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