Hubby and I have different tastes in television viewing. I can count on one hand the programmes we equally enjoyed; 24 was one. Recently, we were reminiscing about some of the memorable scenes in the series. Now that Star has launched on Disney +, we have the chance enjoy 24 and other mega shows that have had an impact on pop culture. Subscribers can revisit or watch for the first time series like Black-Ish, Scandal and The X Files or films such as The Devil Wears Prada and William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet much more. We are also new to Disney+ the streaming app. It was gifted to us to trial Star and the new features. Now that Star is on the Disney+ the platform has new parental controls and there are exciting shows for older viewers.

Star on Disney Plus

Introducing Star On Disney+

Star on Disney+ gives us grownups something to kickback to. Nope, Disney is not just for kids. Star has brought with it over 75 TV series and 280 movies. Additionally, there are four exclusive Star Originals and fresh content being added every week.

You will find well known favourites, like Homeland, Atlanta and Grey’s Anatomy brand-new originals such as Love Victor and exclusives all of which can be found using the Disney+ app.


How Does The Parental Controls Work?

Star on Disney+ has new parental controls. When the account holder create a child’s profile, or a profile is set with bespoke content ratings, the app simultaneously lists all the child/family-friendly programmes relevant for the content rating of that profile.


Content Ratings
Each profile can be tailored to have different levels of content controls applied to it: 6+, 9+, 12+, 14+, 16+, or 18+.  We found it very easy to setup Disney+ and create the Kids’ Profile. The app is very intuitive.

To start:

  1. Go to profile, click ‘Add Profile’,
  2. Choose an Avatar
  3. Give it a name.
  4. To set bespoke content control, select Content Rating which is under Parental Controls in the profile you are setting-up. You will need your password to change parental controls.

Rest assured the PIN-protected profiles, can sit alongside already existing Kid Profiles. After subscribers opt in to access mature content, Star entertainment will be featured on the Disney+ homepage under “New to Disney+,” “Recommended, For You,” “Trending” rows, and more.

The new feature is handy for those of us with children who are old enough and competent on gadgets and apps BUT still too young for certain content that will be on Star.

GOOD TO KNOW: The new Kid Proof Exit feature makes it harder to leave a Kid Profile with the addition of an exit question. The feature can be found under a new Parental Controls menu, within Settings and account verification will be required to turn this feature on.

To check Disney’s policy on rating content visit the Disney+ website .


Programmes We’ve Discovered

I’ve begun watching Nature Boy! It’s a documentary about the American professional wrestler Ric Flair. Yep! I luv wrestling. I can still remember Ric’s visit to Trinidad in 1983. He fought Victor Jovica (Croatian-born Puerto Rican professional wrestler). The way I remember it, Flair lost but boy, what a character. The documentary also called Nature Boy follows the highs and lows of his life. My next watch will be the thriller Big Sky.

Together, Hubby and I are watching Series 1 of 24 again. While the kids and I are set to watch the Narnia movie on the weekend. They’ve never seen it before.


 Disney+ Pricing

UK customers can subscribe to Disney+ for £7.99 per month, or £79.90 annually (annual price available at most retailers). Full details on how to subscribe will be available on the Disney+ website

Current prices for existing subscribers (prior to 23 February) will be honoured for six months, with the price change taking effect on the monthly or annual renewal date following 23 August 2021.


What’s your favourite programme on Star? What are you looking forward to viewing on Star on Disney+?  Comment below with your recommendations, I’d love to hear from you.



Paid Partnership with Disney+. All thoughts and opinions are our own.




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