What’s your nightime beauty regime like? Mine varies from slow and meditative metime to a quick wash and slathering of night moisturiser. On days when I’m destined to have crap sleep but need to look fresh-faced and glowing the following day, I use an overnight mask. Currently I’m using one by Emma Hardie. Although it can be used as removable mask, I prefer to use it as an overnight treatment. I’ve been saving face with the Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask.


Plant Power

I’m a fan organic moringa oil. You may have seen that I used it recently in a homemade balm for Valentina’s eczema. Honestly, we’ve had mixed results but her situation is more complex. I digress … my own experience of moringa oil was that it absorbed quickly into my skin making it feel supple and look moisturised. The oil is pale greenish-yellow shade with mild earthy/grassy fragrance. Moringa oil has vitamins A & C. It’s an antioxidant which can be used on the face and scalp.

Emmas Hardie’s Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask contains ‘Hyaluronic Acid that helps firm, condition and moisturise the skin, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil to leave the skin feeling more vibrant, plump and radiant and Red Algae which reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots and leaves.’



Trialling Emma Hardie’s Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask

Emma Hardie is a successful ‘facialist which is due to ‘her understanding of the whole body, and her dedication to treating the skin ‘from the bone up’’. I recently attended her launch for the mask and was gifted a full-size tube of the Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask. Emma was unavoidable absent from the launch however; her Brand Ambassadors were quite helpful and walked me through the range.  As you can imagine, I was eager to try Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask.

The mask can be used in two ways. One, you can apply it onto cleansed face and neck, leave for 10-15 minutes then rinse of with warm water. Alternatively it can be applied to cleansed face and neck and left on overnight. I opted for the latter an average a couple times weekly. Let me just say, you’d have no fear of a ‘I woke up like this’ selfie after a night of the Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask.


The Results

Hydration is the biggest challenge for me. My condition is down to the natural changes in the skin when you cross over to the other side of 40 but also because, allergies.  It’s like I always have a cold which means I’m either congested or dealing with a runny nose. I dry out easily.

Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask I’ve been using it intermittently for four weeks. The results are amazing! In the morning my skin looks rested, no creases, plump supple and hydrated.  It’s a keeper.


Where To Buy

Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask can be bought online form Emma Hardie online store. It comes in a 75mil tube RRP£49


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