Last month, The Tiger Tales had the pleasure of visiting Emirates Aviation Experience, North Greenwich, for part two of Emirate Flight Time Stories. On this occasion the event was to commemorate the launch its first book, entitled Monkey on a Plane!   The book was launched on World Book Day as part of the Emirates Flight Time Stories programme, which encourages families to get creative and take inspiration from their holidays, and aims to get people excited about travelling during their story time. It was created by award-winning author-illustrator duo Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. They took inspiration for the book from a story written by Maddison Penney, aged four from Dorset, who last year won the opportunity for her idea to be created into a book Monkey on a Plane!


Monkey on a Plane!

On arriving at Emirates Aviation Experience fellow bloggers and I mingled, while our kids had a light snack. Sarah McIntyre read the story Monkey on a Plane!  Then, both Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre lead the kids through a 101 on how to draw cheeky lil Enrico the monkey.



They also had the opportunity to think of other places Enrico could visit which they could then draw. It was a wonderful chance for the kids to work on their storytelling and drawing skills with the pros.

I was impressed by Angelo’s attempt. He really took the session seriously. Valentina enjoyed the storytime session.

Emirates Aviation Experience

After the event we were free to explore, Emirates Aviation Experience and take a ride on Emirates Air Line cable car. Hubby and Angelo didn’t enjoy being up high but Valentina and I were thrilled by the aerial view of the Thames.

The rain didn’t spoil our fun.  We had never been on the cable car before. It was a treat to experience it together. I used to live in the East End. I often get nostalgic about the area. The regeneration in the area blew me away. I would happily visit again and take the cable over, to explore Greenwich.


Story Time At Home

Back at the homestead I read Monkey on a Plane!  It’s an exciting story and an excellent travel companion. It will engage little ones’ creativity and imagination. My two little adventures loved hearing about Rico’s travels. They were happy he found a friend to play with while on his travels. I was delighted that Sarah and Philp cleverly touched on the topic of being ‘different’. Unlike his brothers and sisters, Enrico ‘had a big tuft of white hair which stuck up at the front’ Nonetheless he was loved by his mother.


In Conclusion

Commenting on the book, Maddison Penney’s mother said: “Maddison is absolutely besotted to see her ideas with such amazing illustrations and for the book to be written and designed by such talented people! Maddison loves reading stories and has such an amazing imagination, so to see those ideas being turned into such a magical story is a dream come true. Since Maddison won the competition it has inspired her to continue writing, and I really hope the book inspires other children to do the same.” I have no doubt it will touch the hearts and inspire many.

Monkey on a Plane!  Is now available to be downloaded by the Flight Time Stories website.




(updated 9th July 2020)




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