This year is going by at warp-speed, along with the development of my children. Mind you I’m complaining, when it comes to their development.  I continue to be amazed at how quickly they mature after any brief encounter with older children. My heart melts when I observe them sharing a tender sibling moment. They proactively hug and kiss each now. I’m so happy they are close. Sometimes it feels that there is less than two years between Angelo and Valentina. They play really well together … sometimes. Here’s were we are six months on from my last milestone post.


  • At age 4.5 years, he now wears 5-7 years clothing in some brands
  • He’s a gentle ‘giant’ not into Ben 10 or Spiderman lover. He’s more into Mario Super Brothers, Caillou  and My Little Pony
  • He has established friendships at his nursery. So much so, his class mates miss him whenever he’s been away for one reason or the other


  • His markings are better and he can write a few number and letters
  • Although he expresses feelings of jealously toward his sister Valentina, he adores her and will stand up for her if he feels she is unfairly treated
  • Loves making up songs, stories and drawing. He seems to be heading in the direction of being an artistic and creative person but time will tell.


  • She has become a bit of a mimic, but that has put her in good stead to develop her vocabulary and conversation skills beyond my expectations for 2.5 years. We can chat
  • She loves storytime almost as much as her brother but for her its more a social event, to chat and ask questions
  • She adores her brother. If he gets hurt running around she is ready to kiss his hurt


  • She is strong-willed and strong in build. She is sometimes the largest toddler about but she is caring towards little one. Although getting her to share can still be tricky
  • She has found her funny bone and demonstrates it during imaginative play
  •  She sometimes role plays,I can see her mirroring our storytime sessions and sometimes even how I tell her off but giving it her own flare.

Did I mention that they ‘hang-up’ on Hubby and I. They enjoy trying to trick us. I confess in my current sleep deprived state they sometimes catch me out. When I do discover the mischief they’ve been up to there is a massive clean up operation to be had. They stick up for each other although is frustrating I’m proud of them for doing so. Here’s to happy, healthy, progressive summer.



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