I suffer from the atopic syndrome. Simply put it means that I suffer from Asthma Eczema and hay fever, the atopy triad  . I try to be good an manage my eczema by selecting products that promise not be harsh in the skin. My diligence never extended to the products I used in my home, untill I found about e-cloth during the Allergy Awareness week in April. I was delighted to accept the offer to trail the e-cloth at home.

e-cloth promises:

  • Cleans any hard surface, using just water… it will remove great dirt and over 99% of bacteria, leaving a perfect streak-free finish
  • No need for cleaning chemicals
  • No expensive cleaners to buy and the e-cloths can be washes 300 times

From my trial I can say in reality, as a user, you will have to be realistic about your expectations of the product. Inside one packet of kitchen cloths comes one cleaning cloth and one shining cloth. They clothes work amazingly well together. However, with a lot of ‘elbow grease’ the cleaning cloth will only improve the appearance of glass that has really tough baked on grease. The hob and oven cleaning cloths should be best suited for that particular job.  I used the cloths on my glass top stove, my oven door and the doors leading to my garden. I was pleased with the results on the stove stop and glass door but a disappointed with the oven door. I guess it was unfair to expect the cloth to totally clean the oven door but I wanted to really put it to the test. I’ve not had an opportunity to try the kitchen e-cloths on steel surfaces but I reckon it will work just as well, as long as the girt has not been in place for too long. The kitchen e-cloths is a fantastic product to have at home for everyday cleaning which will avoid tough stuck on grit and grease, in the first instance. The shine cloth is absolutely magical! The shine it gives is outstanding. Its brilliant to have a product that can give such good results without a chemical cleaner or shining solution.

stove top

stove top


oven door

oven door


glass door

glass door

The performance features of the e-cloth kitchen cloth are:

  • Quality of yarn used
  • The weight per cm2
  • the percentage mix of yearns
  • the method used to split the fibres to create the cleaning edges

Another good feature of the e-cloth kitchen cleaning cloth is the scouring pocket. It removes and traps grit and grease, but I feel the pocket could have been bigger. Even better the souring pocket could have been placed in such a way that fingers could reach inside, for better grip when cleaning. You will see from the photos below it really removes grit. Because the cloths can be washed (just don’t add fabric softener), I can pop these in the wash and they will be ready to be used again.

after cleaning

used cloths

Tid Bit: The e-cloth kitchen cloths bear the mark of Allergy UK Allgery Friend Product

 e-cloth has wide range of products.  There are additional household cloths and mops,  as well as beauty cloths and more. For a full listing of the products and how to use them visit the e-cloth website. You can also get social and follow them via Twitter , Facebook , YouTube  and Flickr


Please note, this is not a sponsored post. However, I was the kitchen e-cloth to trial for the purpose of this review.


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