My family and I moved house last year. One of the deciding factors for the house we choose was the garden and bathroom area. The bathroom as the largest we had seen within our budget. I loved everything about it at the time. Fast forward to fourteen months. I’m sick of the Roman bathhouse inspired tiles.  Seriously?! For a family bathroom? At the very least grouting is a necessity because no cleaner has been able to shift the discolouration in between the tiles. The wall needs plastering. Hubby in a moment of madness… I THINK… decided to stripe off some of the floor vinyl! We now have a missing patch of vinyl on the floor. His excuse was, he wanted to see what’s underneath before he changes the flooring. As you can imagine, we are quite ready for a Bella bathroom makeover.

my bathroom

A family bathroom is one of the most important spaces in a family home, after the kitchen of course. I’d like a bathroom that has as soothing, cosy and country feel to it. The challenge is how to balance country with a child-friendly? We’ve moved three times in nine years of marriage and we have yet to have the style of bathroom we are totally happy with. I even have a pinterest boards for bathrooms only! Here are some of the styles and accents that inspire me.

storage features

storage options

I also found child-friendly accents, that would work well with country-styled bathroom.  I’m thinking a nature white/blue would be perfect and unisex. Check these out.

child-friendly accents

Then I perused the website of Bella Bathrooms and I found a few looks would work for our family as it is now. Particularly fond of the April P shaped enclosed bath and shower . In terms of look and feel I adore Premier Cairo and the Ultra Beresford .

Bella Bathrooms

I never would have thought of putting pictures in a bathroom but it works. It’s a great way to add kiddy accents. I also like the idea of having the wall hooks. We could easily hang cute  fun child-friendly ornaments.

I’m fired-up and super excited to take our family bathroom to the next level. Now that we are home-owners, we can create a blissful space that all in the family will enjoy. Especially, now that hubby and I are into date-nights in, I’m talking bubble bath, candles the works. I gotta have a space sets the mood.

This is my entry Bella Bathroom blog competition that’s in collaboration with BritMums. Wish me luck dear readers.


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