I remember the first time I used Dove soap. I was a little girl and it seemed to take forever to wash off. In my girlhood days back in Trinidad, it was challenging to have a regular supply of running water at home. Spare time was spent walking to the nearest community standpipe that had water then trekking back and forth carrying water. We caught rain water to shower and wash dishes which is why Dove soap was tricky to rinse off in that soft water. As adult I’ve used various Dove products over the years. Several months ago my mum developed eczema. It was advised that she try Dove- White soap. I told her I’d never heard about it or seen in London. Perhaps I want’ looking in the right places. Anyways, when I was invited to attend #DovePerspectives 60th Birthday party as a plus one, I seized the opportunity.  At the party, I was amazed at the range of products that Dove had to offer. I didn’t’ see Dove-White products. Because I couldn’t remember the name of the product at the time I simply asked about new products for sensitive skin. I was introduced to the DermaSpa range. I’ve been using Dove’s DermaSpa Cashmere Comfort Cocooning Body Lotion for three weeks and my skin looks and feels amazing!


Benefits of Cashmere Comfort Cocooning Body Lotion


I absolutely love everything about Dove’s Cashmere Comfort Cocooning Body Lotion, it:

  • absorbs quickly into the skin, without tacky, oil residue
  • locks in moisture that’s very long lasting
  • makes skin look and feel ‘cashmere soft’, and
  • has a lovely mild yet sexy fragrance


The Results Cashmere Comfort Cocooning Body Lotion


‘Dove DermaSpa series combines expertise with spa-like indulgence….’ Its unique formulation, contains Cell-MoisturisersTM. There are three products in the range: Cashmere Comfort Body Butter, Cashmere Comfort Cocooning Body Lotion and Cashmere Comfort Rich Hand Treatment. Dove says, the range was inspired by face care. The formula ‘combines smart technology and active ingredients that work on the heard cells…’ While the lovely fragrance comes from a blend of creamy vanilla, rich spices and sensual amber.


Where to find it?


I fell in love with Cashmere Comfort Cocooning Body Lotion. It makes me feel womanly, if you know what I mean. I’m going to treat myself to the Cashmere Comfort Rich Hand Treatment next, its slim sleek design of the tube is perfectly portable. It’s easy to fit in work handbags, and outdoor knapsacks. The range is already available in all leading retailers including Superdrug, Boots, ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons & Sainsbury’s

  • Cashmere Comfort Cocooning Body Lotion – 200ml, RRP: £4.99
  • Cashmere Comfort Rich Hand Treatment – 75ml, RRP £2.99
  • Cashmere Comfort Body Butter – 300ml, RRP £6.99


Search hashtag #DovePerspectives to join the conversation and find out more about their products. Dove UK is also on Twitter.





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