I’ve seen ‘sitting’ on this post for some time. It’s a sensitive area for me, although I wanted to share I’ve been a bit anxious. This morning I read a b log post by Crystal Afro on what she calls her ‘lipstick-phobia’ (please CLICK HERE to read her post). While my story is different, the end result is the same to use her term; ‘lipstick-phobia’.


Bad Habits


As a girl I sucked my thumb. Various family members tried to get me to stop. I was stubborn and stopped  at the ripe ole age of 10 years. It may sound harsh but that’s just in  some families, I got teased a lot about my mouth/lips. I told that I had a long lip. Sometimes I’d be addressed as ‘long lip girl’. Naturally, I spent a considerable amount of time over the years examining my profile for any sign of proof in their comments. Although I found none, I still felt self-conscious.

I can’t remember the age but I remember on one occasion I was told that I could never wear lipstick because my top lip was too long. I as said earlier,  it may seem harsh but I knew then and I know now they wanted   me to be the best me I could be. As it is with stubborn children sometimes parents use shame to control and shape their charges. Strange as it may seem I knew then as I know now I am loved and adored. However, I reckon this was my family’s warped way of getting me to stop sucking my thumb.



Make up Experiments


As a teenager and young adult I never experimented as much as my peers, with make-up. On the occasions when I did, I was alone at home. By my late mid 20’s I began to buy the odd lippy and face powder  to wear on special occasions. I stayed in the ‘safe zone’ of natural/nude shades. I arrived in the UK in my late 20’s.


red lipstick

One day, in my early 30’s I popped into a store that sold skincare and beauty products with my boyfriend (now Hubby) I went to the counter to pay for my favourite body butter and the English cashier exclaimed “oh you have such nice full lips, you  must look lovely in lipstick” ( I was not wearing any at the time.) Oh how my blood boiled! The boyfriend fanned the fire by saying under his breathe “you know you people have full lips”. Oh he had jokes! Well, unlike the cashier, I swiftly dealt with him! I told her nothing, I paid for my product and left.

When I’d calmed down it dawned on me that she was not being out of order. She was genuinely giving me a compliment. I remember her friendliness and warm smile. She shared that her own lips were to thin for you notice her lipstick. I dawned on me that I was not angry with what she said but my ole hurt laid was bare. One may say she took a ‘liberty’ by saying anything of that nature to me, but the thing is I think women SHOULD complement each other more. If not in a beauty shop, then where?


red lips


Confidence at 40


I turned 40 last year with those double digits came the confidence and ‘doh care attitude’ to many things AND wearing lippy was one. I you follow me on Instagram you will notice that I’m slowly building content on beauty things I use and like.  At the moment I’m loving MAC’s Ruby Woo for evening and Revlon Kissable Balm Stain Lovesick. I’m also following a few beauty bloggers for inspiration.

Now that I’m happy to try more makeup and bright lippy colours , I may as well learn to apply properly. I’d hate to look like ‘Arthur’s pet mule’ … its a saying from back home.

So that’s my story on beauty. Do you have a story you’d like to share with me? I’d delighted to hear from you.




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