Couples’ time for hubby and I is like gold dust. When planning a date we have to factor in the cost of child care plus the cost of our evening out. Sometimes we save our Tesco points or find a Groupon offer. Last weekend, we managed to arrange a play-date for the children with friends in North London and headed to Tierra Peru Restaurant.  While we were not familiar with Peruvian cuisine, we knew the flavour of the ingredients. In Trinidad we eat our fair share of plantains, black puddings and cassava but the preparation and presentation is different. Over the years I’ve been able to find shops in London that sell West Indian produce, which I’ve cooked dishes for the family. So Hubby and I were excited to taste the Peruvian style, as a post Valentine’s treat. Tierra Peru is a dining sanctuary a step away from the bustle of North London’s high streets.


Who doesn’t luv a discount code?

We parked at our friend’s house, Ubered to Tierra Peru and arrived promptly for our 2 pm reservation. Our Groupon offer entitled us to two starters (under £7), two mains (under £13) and two glasses of wine (under £6). It was also explained at the start that we could order additional or different dishes, then the difference would be added on. The service was warm, friendly and courteous. It’s a small was cosy restaurant with dark wooden tables and chairs, cubicle seats with brightly coloured embroidered cushions, Peruvian photos and wall art. There’s one unisex toilet stylishly decorated with dark iridescent mosaic wall tiles and Peruvian ornaments.


lunch date


Hubby and I ordered what our Groupon offer stipulated (only swapping one glass one for soft drink) plus sides, a dessert and coffee liquor drink. The bill came up to £42.12.

What We Ate

We started with Deep Fried Cassava Balls with cheese sauce and Gratin of Scallop served in its shell. Hubby and I are both cheese lovers. Those dishes were a hit. The cassava balls had the right balance of crunch and gooey nice with the cheese sauce it was sexy. Hubby’s seafood was fresh and moist. We followed up with Deep Fried Pork main for me.

Hubby had medium to well Grilled Sirloin Beef  with chorizo and black pudding.  We had two sides of friend green plantain and ripe plantain with honey. The rustic presentation and flavours all came together. I tried some of Hubby’s black pudding and it tasted like the type I grew up on in Trinidad just without the chilli heat. The fried green plantains had been thinly sliced so the texture was like a crisp.

pork main

My pork was tender. Overall the food was well seasoned but not spicy hot. We were give a small bowl of chilli sauce on the side which had an appetising effect not a burn your mouth off effect. The bread pudding we shared was had different texture to what I expected, the pistachio and condensed milk made it denser. I think it if were served warm the flavours would pop more. I also think a tropical topping would have been better compliment to a berry compote. There are less than a hand full of places that Hubby and I revisit to dine. Tierra Peru has not been added to that list. Sundays at Tierra Peru is buffet day. Eat all you can for £21. I forgot to ask if there was a different cost kids.



If you are ever up North London way and want to try something different, pop into Tierra Peru. I can’t think of anywhere of the top of my head where I’ve dined were the service was naturally friendly and efficient, and not in a practices way.  It will be a while again before Hubby and I have another date.

Our last date was October 2016 but that’s OK I’m happy with gold dust that no sparkle at all. We left happy, stuffed and contented, strolling hand in hand enclosed in our love bubble.




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