If you are newly natural or thinking about going natural to rock your hair hair texture,  make now mistake it is journey. Its a journey into awareness of self. Recently, I attended Aveda’s ‘Decode Your Curl’ hair event. It was interesting listening to hair and beauty experts talk about their natural hair journeys.  The hair care market has changed over the last seven years since I’ve been natural. I was surprised to see my local Superdrug had at least 4 brands that I could use on my hair! However what has not changed much is some people’s response to natural hair which is why natural hair events are so empowering. There is strength in knowing you are not alone. My curl texture is no longer a mystery to me but ‘Decode Your Curl’ made me feel empowered knowing that it’s not a solo journey.

‘Decode Your Curl’ was a panel discussion, at Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa, Covent Garden. On the panel there was:

  • Yasmin Evans, TV and Radio Broadcaster
  • Funmi Fetto,  Freelance Journalist
  • Subrina Kidd, Freelance Hair Stylist & Textured Hair Expert
  • Grace Victory, TV personality & Vlogger
  • Michael Lendon,  Aveda Advanced Creative Director, Covent Garden
  • Ateh Jewel, Journalist/Blogger/Producer & Founder of Jewel Tones Beauty

The panellist shared their professional and personal experiences during their natural hair journey. My personal take away highlights were from Subrina who recommend book The Science of Black Hair.  Additionally both Michael and Subrina stressed the importance of owning your visit the hairdresser and being clear what you what. They advise don’t be afraid to ask hairdresser about their experience in styling natural hair. Like me, Grace experienced the challenge of finding hair products suitable for mixed race curly hair. In the early days the products available were too heavy. Now there are more options, I do have quite a stash which I’m sometimes feel guilty but Funmi’s words eased my conscience. It’s true that hair does different things on different days; WE DO NEED different products for the varying season and hair concerns. One of these days I’ll show you what I’ve got in my cabinet… From Ateh I identified with the desire to have positive images for our daughters in the media and all around them. It’s important that they know their worth, see their own beauty and own their space in the world.

Just in case you wanted to know what’s new from Aveda for curly hair, there’s; BrilliantTM, Be Curly, Dry Remedy, Smooth Infusion. There may be others; it depends on your hair concern. Visit their website for further details. Most important love the curl you’ve got because it’s naturally you.


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